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Whether you have bought a policy from us or not: OneInsure is here to serve.
Register / Upload your insurance policies and let us worry about Emergencies, Renewals, and Claims. You can initiate service request, understand how your policy works and know what is covered and what is not.

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Emergency Services

Register an emergency contact person and we will ensure that your family gets all the required support during an eventuality.

Renewal Reminder

You will never miss insurance renewals now. Get reminders via SMS, Emails or Calls for your registered insurance policy.

Knowledge & Services

Knowledge -
We know insurance is confusing. However, we exactly tell you how your policy is performing and what it covers.
Services -
Changing your address, nominee details, increasing the cover or asking for a tax certificate for your registered policy is just a click away.
Claim -
Stuck with a claim on health, motor or life insurance? We are happy to help.
  • Save ₹3,900/month & get
    up to ₹50 Lakhs on Retirement
    or ₹30,000 Pension/month