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OneInsure Benefits

Buying a car insurance plan is just not enough and we understand that. With OneInsure, experience the new way of purchasing, managing, and getting Claim and Service Assistance on all types of car insurance policies.

Claim Assistance

Right from helping you file a claim until its settlement, we’ve got everything covered!

Service & Support

Round-the-clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all kinds of car policies for a lifetime

Competitive Rates

Compare car insurance prices and get the right policy at the most competitive rates

OneInsure App

Experience the ease of managing your policies from anywhere and anytime

Features To Look For

OneInsure provides far more than just a car insurance price calculator. Here are some car insurance features that will help you choose wisely.

Zero Depreciation

With this add-on in place, you can get your car repaired without having to pay the depreciation value.

NCB Protection

In the event of a claim, this cover protects your No Claim Bonus (NCB) from resetting to the default ‘0%’.

Return To Invoice

Get complete invoice value of your car in case of total damage or theft. You will also get the first time registration charges and road tax for the said vehicle.

Engine Protector

This cover protects the internal child parts of the engine, gear box, transmission and differential assembly. It provides for its repair and replacement costs.

Roadside Assistance

This feature provides emergency roadside assistances like towing, flat tire replacement, battery jump-start and much more.

Premium Determiners

To determine the premium amount for a car insurance policy, the insurance companies will take the following factors into account.


The sum assured amount of your vehicle is known as Insured Declared Value (IDV). Your IDV will always be lesser than your car’s invoice value.

Car Type & Value

Your vehicle’s make, model and the probable risks associated with it are important factors in deciding the premium.

NCB Percentage

Your existing No Claim Bonus (NCB) percentage will get you a certain discount on your own damage premium.

City of Registration

Depending on the location of your registration, your premium shall increase or decrease.


Know what you are buying! Before you make your mind up about your policy, it is recommended that you go through our FAQs to understand the different aspects of a car insurance policy.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance protects your car from various kinds of unforeseen risks. It helps cover cost of repairs in the event your vehicle has been involved in an accident or has been stolen. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to have a motor insurance policy in place for their vehicles to drive on the Indian roads.

What are the different types of Car Insurance Policies?

There are two kinds of car insurance policies - third-party liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Third-party insurance covers your legal liability in case of an accident resulting in the demise or disability of a third party or damage to the third-party’s property. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages and theft of your vehicle, and damages you might cause to another vehicle, property or the third party.

How is the premium calculated?

Your premium will be determined based on your car's make and model, cubic capacity (cc), Insured Declared Value (IDV), registration year, city, and fuel type. It will be subject to certain deductions based on the No Claim Bonus (NCB) earned during the policy period. There are a few other discounts you will be entitled to apart from the NCB. Since you are at OneInsure's car insurance page, we suggest you to enter you details above and our car insurance price calculator will display attractive quotes from top car insurance players in the market.

What are the recommended riders in Car Insurance?

Car insurance riders are optional add-on covers on your basic policy that help enhance your insurance coverage. Zero Depreciation, No Claim Bonus Retention, Personal Accident, Engine Protection and Roadside Assistance are some of the riders you should consider including in your car insurance policy.

What does reimbursement claim and cashless claim mean?

Reimbursement claim - If your car is repaired at a garage that is not on your insurer’s network garage list, then you must first pay from your pocket and later make a reimbursement claim. Cashless claim – When you get your car repaired at any one of your insurer’s network garages, the expenses will be directly dealt between your insurer and the garage.