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Comparing Car Insurance Plans with OneInsure

If you have a Car, you got to have insurance. It is a mandatory product which needs to be renewed every year. With so many insurance players, the task of selecting the right product can be difficult. At OneInsure, we strive to simply the cognitive process of buying insurance and help you to select the policy that best suits your needs. 
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Car Insurance

A car is deemed to be a prized possession and you would want to protect it from all the possible risks. Accidents, thefts, fire, etc. are some of the perils which pose a threat to your car. In the case of an accident, the risk would be even higher as human life is involved. Car/ Vehicle insurance is a tool to protect you from these risks and financial losses. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicles operating in public places should have at least a third party liability cover. We recommend a Comprehensive Cover which includes accidental damage to the vehicle, loss due to Natural/ Un-Natural Calamities, Theft and Third Party Liability, in case there has been any unexpected event.

Different Types of Car Insurance 

Third Party Car Insurance Policy
As per the Motor vehicle act of 1938, a third party car insurance is mandatory for any vehicle operating in the public places. It covers the insured against any losses incurred towards Third Party Property or Individual due to an accident.
Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy will cover any loss to the vehicle due to an accident, Natural Calamities, etc. along with other benefits like Personal Accident Cover for the owner and passengers, Theft, Third Party Person & Property Damage.

Add-on Benefits offered in a Car Insurance Policy

Zero Dep. Cover
Customers will receive the full claim amount without factoring in any depreciation on the value of  the parts replaced.  
Return to Invoice
The difference between the Insured Declared Value and the invoice price of your car will be paid under this benefit.
NCB Protection
Under this plan, the insured can retain the accumulated 'No Claim Bonus', even after a claim is raised.
Emergency Services
Services like Fuel Assistance, Daily Allowance, etc. are offered to car owners in case of an emergency.  
Key Replacement
Covers the cost of making duplicate keys in case of an irrecoverable loss and/ or the cost of the lock, if needed. 

Smart Buying Tips for a Car Insurance Policy

Be an Add-on Smart
Along with a comprehensive cover, there are certain companies that offer additional add-on features that enhance your car protection. Such covers are must while buying a Car Insurance.
Renew on Time
Renewing on time helps you to protect your vehicle and keep your NCB intact. Set reminders for your car insurance and avoid any delay in paying the premium.
Avoid any 'False Declaration'
Always provide correct information about your vehicle and the past history. In case, if you have hidden any information, the company might decline your claim & cancel the policy.   

Premium for Car Insurance is Determined by

Current Value of the Vehicle (Post Depreciation)
City of Registration
The city where your vehicle is registered
Make & Model
Vehicles Make, Model & Potential Risk Factors associated with it
NCB Percentage
A discount offered to the customer in the event of no claim
Claim History
History of the Claimed Amount for a particular year
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