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Who all should be covered ?

Who all should be covered ?

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Comparing Critical Illness Plans with OneInsure

It is often easy to think that, 'Nothing Can Happen to me. I am Fit & Healthy', but you can never predict what may happen in future. Life is uncertain and you never know when you would be incapacitated due an illness or accident. A life threatening disease can hamper your financial stability and impact you emotionally. To protect yourself from such financial repercussions, you need to have a Critical Illness Policy. However, choosing the right plan can be task considering the wide range of options available.
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What is a Critical Illness Cover?

A Critical Illness Insurance is a policy that pays out a lump sum benefit when the insured is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. This lump sum amount can be used to pay off your medical expenses and also serve as a temporary income while you are unable to continue work and likely to have no income. This temporary income allows you to fulfill your other financial commitments without compromising on your treatment. Following are some of the Critical Illnesses covered under this policy. 
Let us list down certain Critical Illness Conditions which are offered:-

  1. First Heart Attack
  2. Cancer
  3. Coronary Artery bypass surgery
  4. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
  5. Major Organ Transplant
  6. Stroke
  7. Kidney Failure

Note: Above given is an indicative list. To know about the list of Critical Illness covered click here or refer the Insurance Companies Website for a detailed list of Critical Illness Cover. 

Why should one purchase a Critical Illness Insurance?

A Critical Illness cover provides you and your family members, with a financial security on the diagnosis of a Life-Threatening Diseases. The lump sum amount paid can be utilized for:
Cost of the Critical Illness Care and Treatment
Recuperation Aids
To Pay off Debts
Any lost income due to a decreasing ability to work
Funds for a change in Lifestyle

Key Factors to consider before buying a Critical Illness Policy

Helps in case of any offset shortfall on your medical aid.
Lump sum payout for Listed Diagnosed Disease.
Tax Benefits Under Section 80D.
Read the fine prints carefully
Age, Medical Condition & Coverage Amount.
  • Save ₹3,900/month & get
    up to ₹50 Lakhs on Retirement
    or ₹30,000 Pension/month