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Who all should be covered ?

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Comparing Health Insurance Plans with OneInsure

Have you ever thought about the ever increasing healthcare Cost? An unexpected medical emergency can hamper your financial stability and impact you emotionally. The task of choosing the best health insurance policy can be difficult sometimes due to the wide range of products available. At OneInsure, we strive to simply the cognitive process of buying insurance and help you to select the policy that best suits your needs.
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Smart Buying Tips for your Health Insurance

Sub-Limits & Co-payments
Always check if there are any Limitations or Sub-limits on your Policy. A Co-payment is a fixed percentage of the claim amount which needs to be borne by the customer.
Your Budget
Always check your budget. Opting for an Add-on cover will increase your premium but give you an additional health cover. Choose a plan that suits your budget. 
The Fine Prints
Very often we miss going through the fine prints in the policy document. It is essential to do so to be aware of the exclusions and waiting period under your policy.
Beat Inflation
The cost of treatment keeps increasing every year. To avoid any last minute hazards, it is vital to buy an adequate cover. Healthcare Inflation in India is close to 20%. Plan smartly.

What is a Health Insurance Policy

A Health Insurance Plan or a Medicliam Policy is a form of insurance that protects the insured from expenses incurred towards sudden illness, surgery required in respect of any diseases which has arisen during the policy period, or accidental injury sustained during the policy period. It also covers the insured against the cost of hospitalization. Apart from the basic features mentioned above, most health insurance policies also offer other exciting features (like Ayurvedic Treatment, Recharge Benefit, Maternity Expenses, etc.) to the policyholder. This, however, will vary from one company to another. A Health Insurance Plan is a must have product for every family, and we would advise you to buy a policy that best suits your needs 
This policy pays for expenses incurred under the following:
  1. Room, Boarding Expenses in the Hospital/ Nursing Home
  2. Nursing Expenses
  3. Fees related to - Surgeon, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Anaesthetist, Specialist.
  4. Blood, oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges (OT), Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Test, X-ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cost of Pace Maker, Artificial Limbs, Cost of organs, and similar expenses. 
  5. Pre & Post Hospitalization treatment
  6. Day Care Procedures

Your Premium for Health Insurance is determined by?

Current Age
The younger you are, the lower will be your premium and vice versa. 
Members Included
Number of family dependents also determines the final premium amount.
Coverage Amount
The term of the policy and the coverage value also affect the premium value.
Pre-Medical History
Premium is calculated on the basis of your Current & Past medical Conditions.

How much Health Insurance Coverage a person should get depends on?

A simple and quick way of determining the cover is by adding 50% of your current annual income and 100% of the last 3yrs expenses on health care/ hospitals. 
Age & Number of Dependents
Ability to Pay the Premium
Annual Income
City in which you Reside
Family History & Current Lifestyle
  • Save ₹3,900/month & get
    up to ₹50 Lakhs on Retirement
    or ₹30,000 Pension/month