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OneInsure Benefits

Buying a health insurance plan is just not enough and we understand that. With OneInsure, experience the new way of purchasing, managing and getting service-support on all types of health insurance policies.

Claim Assistance

Right from keeping your policies claim ready till claim settlement, we got everything covered!

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Round the clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all types of health policies for a lifetime.

Competitive Rates

Compare health insurance plans and get the right policy at the most competitive rates.

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Features to Look For

Each health insurance plan is different! Understand and make a note of the following features to select the right plan for yourself.

Restore & Recharge

Automatically restore or reinstate up to 100% sum insured amount when it gets reduced owing to an earlier claim disbursed.


For newlywed couples and those who are planning for another baby it is better to have a maternity rider along with the policy.

No Claim Bonus

Receive a percentage increase on your sum insured amount by not making any claim for one policy year.

Free Health Check-up

Look for health plans that offer free health check-up for the policyholder and the members covered.

Premium Determiners

To determine the premium amount for any health insurance policy, the insurers take the following aspects into account.

Current Age

The younger you are, the lower will be your premium and vice versa.

Members Covered

Premium differs based on the number of members the policy covers. More members mean higher premium.

Coverage Amount

Your desired coverage amount will influence your premium.

Policy Term

Buying a health policy for more than 1 year will get you discount on your premium.

Riders / Add-ons

Each rider/add-on has its separate charges. With every rider you opt, your premium increases.


Know what you are buying! Before you make your mind about your policy, it is recommended to go through our FAQs to understand the different aspects of a health insurance policy.

What is Health Insurance?
Given the rising costs of medical expenses, it is crucial that you have an adequate financial back up for an unforeseen event like hospitalization. Health Insurance does exactly this. It pays for medical and surgical expenses arising out of sickness or injury.

With health insurance by your side, you need not worry about any of the following expenses:
  • Hospital room rent
  • ICU charges
  • Operation theatre charges
  • Doctor and surgeon fees
  • Nursing charges
  • Medicine expenses
Generally, a health insurance plan also covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses up to 90 and 180 days respectively.
Top 5 benefits of Health Insurance?
If you have a valid health insurance policy, then you’re eligible for a number of benefits. A typical health insurance plan provides the following benefits:
  • Cashless medical treatment in network hospitals (OR) Reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred in non-network hospitals
  • Timely and better quality of medical treatment
  • Regular medical attention
  • Better lifestyle
  • Tax benefits U/S 80C against the premiums paid
Apart from these, there might be other benefits as well depending on the plan you have chosen.
How much Health Insurance cover should one buy?
To decide the amount of health cover, the following aspects must be taken into account:
  • Medical treatment costs in the network hospitals
  • Your age (the older you are, the higher should be your health cover)
  • Inflation (along with other goods, cost of healthcare too rises year on year)
  • Smoking habits
  • Number of people to be covered (in case of Family Floater plans)
Ideally, one should opt for a minimum of Rs 5 lakhs cover for both individual and Family Floater plans.
What is pre-existing diseases/condition in a Health Insurance Policy?
Pre-existing diseases are those medical conditions that have begun before the benefits of the health insurance policy come into effect. The policyholder is liable to bring to the insurer’s notice any such medical conditions under the Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith. It is advisable that the policyholder abides by this in order to prevent a possible claim rejection in the future. Generally, in case of a pre-existing disease, the insurers put a waiting period of 3 – 4 years.

Pre-existing diseases include:
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
What are the top 10 Health Insurance riders/add-ons to consider?
Some of the most sought-after health insurance riders that you can consider with your basic health insurance policy are:
  • Personal Accident rider
  • Critical Illness rider
  • Maternity Cover
  • Out Patient Department rider
  • Hospital Cash rider
  • Worldwide Emergency rider
  • Cumulative Bonus Booster
  • Unlimited Recharge rider
  • Reduction in Maternity Waiting Period
  • Convalescence Benefit rider
  • Restoration of Sum Insured rider
You must choose riders based on your requirements. For example, if you’re a married couple who is planning to start a family in the next few years, then you can consider getting a Maternity Cover rider.