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Child plans help you stay ahead of rising costs of education, your child’s marriage expenses, and many other major expenses


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Buying Advice from the Pros

Here are some time-tested nuggets of wisdom from the desk of our in-house insurance gurus.

Pay-outs Must Exactly Coincide with Your Child’s Education

This is where accurate planning while buying insurance comes into play. A few lakhs received 1 year before or after the year your child has to take admission into a Professional Course is not going to be useful. If it comes later, it is useless, and if it comes earlier, you will tend to spend it all. Many use these plans like children education plans – this is a good practice.

Buy as Early as Possible

The earlier you buy child plans, the lower the premiums and the higher the returns tend to be. This is quite obvious – the more the years the insurer has with your money, the more it compounds and the higher the pay-out.

Parent Must Be Insured, Not the Child

There are plans out there that insure you against your child’s death. Keep them far away! It’s vital that you insure one of the parents in a child plan. Treat these plans like children future plans.

Why Choose Child Plans?

A child plan is the best investment for your child’s education, beating gold, Fixed Deposits, and even Mutual Funds. Let’s explore why.


Investments in gold, FDs, and MFs can be discontinued without a penalty. Due to this feature, it is very easy for people who have a financial crunch to either stop funding these investment tools or break into them. Contrarily, due to the unavailability of a discontinuing feature in child policies (without penalties), the habit of saving continues and you are invested for the entire duration agreed upon between the insurer and yourself. In a way, child plans do not allow you to move your eyes away from the larger goal.


The rate of gold can crash at any time. The rates of FDs can crash or drop sharply too. And, of course, mutual funds’ returns are subject to market risks, which are unpredictable. However, child plan returns are guaranteed. Once insured, the pay-out is not dependant on external factors like markets and investor sentiments. This is why these plans are one of the best child education plans out there today.

Triple Protection in Case of Death of the Insured

If the primary breadwinner meets an untimely death while the child plan is active, his/her family receives Sum Assured (the cover amount is immediately paid to the family so that the family can stay afloat), Income Benefit for the rest of the term (monthly payments of close to 1% of the Sum Assured), and Final Guaranteed Amount. No other investment tool (gold, FD, MF) can sustain the family in case of the death of the primary breadwinner of the family. Hence, child plans are the best, most-complete solution for a child’s education.


Know what you are buying! Before you make up your mind about your policy, it is recommended to go through our FAQs to understand the different aspects of a child insurance policy.

What is a child insurance plan?

The primary objective behind designing child insurance plans is to provide financial security to the child. A child insurance plan gives peace of mind by securing your child’s education and future needs, especially if something untoward happens to the insured parent.

Under the plan, the child remains the beneficiary and the parent is the life insured. So, in the event of the unfortunate death of the parent, the future premiums under the plan will be waived off and the child will continue to receive the promised benefits under the plan until maturity.

To get suggestions on the best child education plans in India, reach OneInsure by writing to us at or call 86-559-86-559.

What are the benefits of a child insurance plan?

Child Insurance plans are insurance cum investment plans that offer both financial security in case of the death of the insured parent and financial assistance at key milestones of a child’s life, such as college fees and marriage expenses. Major benefits available under a child insurance plan are as follows:

  • Pocket-friendly premiums
  • Flexible premium payment modes
  • Flexibility to choose the policy term from 5 to 25 years
  • Facility to avail partial withdrawal benefit

Another major benefit and the most important one under child education plans is that the policy continues to exist even after the untimely death of the life insured (insured parent) and the child continues to receive all the benefits under the policy.

What is the right time to buy a child insurance plan?

The right time to buy a child insurance plan is as soon as you’re blessed with a child.

You must realize that delay in buying child education plan may be detrimental to your child’s future. Therefore, you must preferably begin child education planning in the early years of marriage.

However, it is also never too late. So, whenever you realize you need a child insurance plan, you must opt for it immediately. Also, buying children future plans can be tricky. So, consult an expert (and not your friends) who would help you select the most suitable plan.

What are the factors to consider while buying child insurance plans?

Buying the right child insurance policy is very important because it will act as your child’s financial armour at key milestones of his/her life.

While selecting child insurance plans, the following factors must be kept in mind:

  • Will the coverage amount that you’re opting for be enough to meet your child’s education and marriage cost? Apart from the current cost of education, keep inflation in mind to know how much coverage amount you will require. Read: Are You Prepared to Meet Your Child’s Education Cost?
  • After how many years would you like your child to receive the benefits? Mostly it is when the child turns 18. So, deduct the child’s current age from 18 to derive the number of years post which the child should start receiving the benefits.

If you need further assistance with child education plans, feel free to reach us at or call 86-559-86-559.