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Whether You Want to Save to Have a Second Income Later in Life or You Want to Have a Corpus for Important Milestones, Money-back Plans Are the Best for You


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Be Clear How You Need the Money-back

Money-back plans typically offer payments either annually (comparatively lower money-back) or in intervals of several years (comparatively higher money-back). If you go for the annual option, it is similar to having a second income. If you go for payments in intervals of several years, ensure you align these intervals to important family milestones like child’s graduation, child’s marriage, and so on.

The Later the Money-back Starts, the Higher the Returns

The point is self-explanatory. If the insurer has your money for 10 years, the sum keeps compounding and becomes a large one. If, on the other hand, the insurer has your money for just 4 years, the money compounds for a shorter duration and you will receive lower returns. It is always wise to begin early in order to then enjoy larger returns. Start today so you can relax tomorrow.

Why Choose Money-back Plans?

Explore the reasoning behind choosing this dynamic plan and check whether it suits your purposes. Use these tips to know which is the best moneyback policy for you.

Second Income

When you choose the annual method of payments with your money-back plans, these act as your second income. You are simply enjoying the fruits of your good saving habits at a later stage in life.


When you choose the interval method of payments (money-back in intervals of several years) with your money-back plans, you can use this money for major milestones in your and your family’s lives. These payments come in handy during events like your child’s marriage, for example.

If You’re in a Profession where Retirement Is Early

Moneyback policies are the investment of choice of celebrities, sportspersons, and others who are in a profession where income tends to be on the higher side and retirement is early. The investments made into moneyback plans can sustain them at the same standard of living for several years after retirement. Thus, they use money-back insurance policies like lifetime income plans.


Know what you are buying! Before you make up your mind about your policy, it is recommended to go through our FAQs to understand the different aspects of a money-back insurance policy.

What is a money back insurance policy?

Moneyback policies are simple endowment plans with a liquidity benefit. In moneyback plans, you receive a specific percentage of the sum assured at regular intervals (which is called Survival Benefit) and the remaining percentage of the sum assured along with vested bonuses is paid on maturity. This is a type of insurance investment plan.

For example, under a money back plan of 25 years with Rs 10 lakhs as the Sum Assured, you receive 15% of the Sum Assured (that is, Rs 1,50,000) after the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th years and the remaining 40% (that is, Rs 4,00,000) on maturity.

You may also use OneInsure’s money back policy calculator to have a better idea about the plan you have chosen.

What are the benefits under money back plans?

If you’re an individual looking to save some money through insurance, and at the same time you wish to maintain liquidity throughout the policy tenure, then a money back policy is what you need to opt for. Money back policies are used like lifetime income plans and complement life insurance investment plans. Some of the benefits that you receive under a money back policy are:

  • Financial flexibility achieved through regular receipts of a portion of the sum assured
  • Accrued bonuses in addition to the basic sum assured
  • Can fulfil both short-term and long-term financial goals, such as children’s education, holidays, emergencies, loan payment, and so on
  • Reduced tax liability U/S 80C
How to choose the best money back policy?

In order to choose the right money back policy, consider the following aspects:

  • What are your financial goals, and at what intervals do you need to fulfil them?
  • How much money would you require to fulfil your short-term and long-term financial goals?
  • For how long would you like to invest in the policy? Or rather, when are you planning to retire?

These aspects will help you select the right money back insurance policy. However, if you’re still not sure and require assistance, do not hesitate to reach OneInsure right away. Drop us an email at or call 86-559-86-559.

What are the riders that you can opt for with a money back plan?

By adding riders (at an extra premium) to your money back plan, you can boost your protection against a number of unforeseen events. Three riders that you may be interested in availing are:

  • Accidental Death/Disability rider – Covers the life insured in case of death or disability resulting from an accident.
  • Critical Illness rider – Provides the life insured a lump sum amount for treatment when diagnosed with any of the pre-specified critical illnesses.
  • Premium Waiver rider – In case of disability, this rider becomes useful as future premiums will be waived off and the policy will continue till maturity/death and the benefits will be paid as promised.
Which are the top money back policies?

Some of the top money back plans are:

  1. Bajaj Allianz’s Cash Assure
    • In this plan, you have the flexibility of choosing any policy tenure out of 16, 20, 24, and 28 years.
    • It’s a traditional money back plan with the minimum Sum Assured of Rs 1,00,000.
  2. Birla Sun Life Insurance’s Bachat Money Back Plan
    • This plan comes with policy tenure of 20 years.
    • It’s a traditional non-participating plan with the minimum Sum Assured of up to 180 times your monthly base premium.
  3. Reliance’s Super Money Back Insurance Policy
    • You have the flexibility of choosing any policy tenure out of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years.
    • It’s a non-linked, non-participating plan with the minimum Sum Assured of Rs 1,00,000.
  4. LIC’s Money Back Policy – 20 Years
    • The plan comes with policy tenure of 20 years.
    • It’s a traditional participating endowment plan with the minimum Sum Assured of Rs 1,00,000.
  5. LIC’s Money Back Policy for Children
    • The plan comes with policy tenure of 25 years.
    • It’s a child plan with the minimum Sum Assured of Rs 1,00,000.

To know more on money back or insurance investment plans, drop your queries at or call 86-559-86-559.