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Death of Policyholder

AEGON Life Insurance      Change Insurer
        • 1 Visit the nearest Branch and kindly carry the following documents:
          • Change in Owner Form signed by New Owner
          • Deed of Relinquishment /NOC duly signed by all the Class I Legal Heirs
          • Original Policy Document
          • Deed of relinquishment DOR should be notarized on a Rs.200 stamp paper
          • Death certificate
          • Photograph of the new policy owner
          • Proof of identity of the new policy owner
          • Proof of residence of the new policy owner
          • Proof of Income of the new owner - if total premium of all policies paid by the owner is equal to or more than 1 lakhs
          • PAN card of new owner if total annual premium is more than or equal to Rs. 50,000/-
        • 2 Once the required changes are done, the insurer will provide a confirmation for the same
          • 3 All documents should be self attested and submitted at

            Submit at Nearest Branch

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            Important Things to Remember

            • The Proposer of an Insurance Policy is the owner of the Policy (also referred to as the Policy Holder) entitled to receive any benefit thereunder, and has the right to carry out any transaction under the Policy.
            • Change in the Owner is allowed only in case of death of the Proposer
            • Where the Life Assured is minor, the New Owner shall remain as the Owner of the Policy only till the Life Assured turns major. The Policy automatically vests in the Life Assured on he/she becoming major
            • Incase the Policy is assigned, the request for Policy Owner change should be authorised by the Assignee.

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