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Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

Liberty Videocon General Insurance

Liberty Videocon General Insurance is a joint venture between Liberty City state holdings PTE Ltd, a group company of US based Liberty Mutual Group, a leading global property and casualty group, and Videocon Industries Limited. Liberty Videocon General Insurance offers products like Motor Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Property Insurance, Employee Benefit Insurance, Health Insurance, Marine Insurance Etc.

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Product Overview of Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

This is a comprehensive package policy which covers the damage to the vehicle and any third party coverages like bodily injury/death & property damage.

Unique Features of Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

The product offers 4 different types of add-on coverages

Product Benefits for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

  • This policy covers against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories due to insured perils under the policy schedule.
  • Claim is payable when there is visible external damage due to the following causes

Manmade CausesNatural Causes
Accident by external means Flood Rockslide
Theft Fire Inundation
Burglary Self-Ignition Explosion
Strike Earthquake Typhoon
Riot/ Terrorist Activity Cyclone Hurricane
Malicious Act Landslide Tempest
damage in transit Storm Hailstorm
  Lightning Frost
  • This policy covers any third party liability including property damage.
  • This policy covers Personal Accident for the Owner/ Driver.
  • On payment of extra premium, the policy also covers Personal Accident Benefit for the passengers and legal liability of the paid driver.

Add-ons for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

There are 4 types of ADD-ON covers available in this plan along with comprehensive Road Side Assistance Cover.

Add-On Details for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

Under this Add-on policy, the company pays the full claim without any deduction for depreciation in the event of an accident. (Excludes Tyres and Batteries)
Under this Add-on, the insured can get full value of claims on items like nut and bolt, screw, washers, grease, lubricants clip, ac gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, break oil, etc. these items are either totally consumed or rendered unfit for further consumption arising due to accidental damage, the expense would be borne by the Insurance Company.

Special Conditions applicable:

a) The cover under this add-on, will be available only for the Insured’s vehicle up to the maximum age of 5 years.
b) For any claim to become payable under this add-on, it should be admissible under the “Own Damage Section” of the Package Policy.
c) Such repairs to be undertaken within three (3) days of date of loss.
Under this Add-on, the company ensures that upon a theft or a total loss to the car, the insured gets the purchase price of the car including road tax and registration charges.

Special Conditions applicable to this benefit

a) The Insured vehicle is not more than 3 years old on the date of commencement of the policy period.
b) The Total loss / Constructive Total Loss (CTL) or Total Theft of the Insured vehicle should be admissible under Own Damage Section of the policy.
c) Insured should be the first registered owner of the vehicle.
d) Vehicle insured should be indigenous.
Under this add-on, the company provides hospital allowance in case of an accident and also for related medical expenses.
Under this Add-on, company pays the amount to cover the hospital expenses for those who sustained injuries by accident while travelling in Insured vehicle and are admitted in the hospital.
Under this Add-on, the company reimburses the medical expenses for those who sustained injuries by accident while travelling in the insured’s vehicle and are admitted in the hospital.

Special Conditions applicable to Medical expenses Coverage:
The Company stands to cover medical expenses for treatment taken from only registered Medical Practitioners under respective medical councils.
Under this Add-on, company pays the amount towards transportation of Insured/ Insured person(s) to the hospital post suffering bodily injury by accident while travelling in Insured vehicle.
a) Vehicle relocation to the nearest garage in case of Major breakdown.
b) Repair Services for Minor Breakdowns
c) Assistance in case of Lockout/ lost keys
d) Changing of Flat tyre
e) Arrangement of emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel.
f) Alternative Transport assistance to the nearest safe location for the passengers of the vehicle

Special Conditions

All additional expenses regarding replacement of a part, additional Fuel and any other service which does not form a part of the standard services mentioned above would be on chargeable basis to the insured.
Under this Add-on, company will cover for:

a) The cost of replacing Insured vehicle keys in case of irrecoverable occurrences or broken or damaged keys.
b) The Cost of replacing locks and keys in case of theft of keys and / or if the Insured vehicle is broken into along with damage to the locks / keys of the insured vehicle resulting in security threat to the Insured vehicle.

Special Conditions

Insured is required to provide police report confirming the incident details occurring during the mentioned Policy Period.
Under this Add-on, the Company agrees to pay for losses arising out of repair or replacement of engine parts of the insured vehicle due to ingression of water in the engine and/or leakage of lubricating oil from the engine/assembly arising out of accidental damage.


i) Repair or replacement of internal parts of gearbox such as gears or shafts, bearings, gear oil and gaskets.
ii) Repair or replacement of engine block and internal child parts of the engine including lubricating oils / consumables used in the assembly but excluding fuel.
iii) Labour cost incurred towards overhauling the damaged engine/gear box.
iv) Engine compression tests and other machining charges.

Special Conditions:

a) Insured Vehicle is taken to the garage within 24 hours of water receding from the water logged area and the intimation to the company be given not later than three days from the receding of water, unless the insured is prevented to do so by sufficient & reasonable reason, where the company can condone the delay based on merits of each case”.
b) Insured shall take reasonable care to avoid further damage to engine/gearbox post water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil. Insured should not try to crank or push start the engine post undercarriage damage or post insured vehicle stopping due to water ingression.

Special Exclusions:

a) Loss or damage covered under manufacturer’s warranty or part of manufacturer’s recall.
b) Loss or damage to the engine and/or gear box due to delay in intimation to the insurer or delay in retrieval of insured vehicle from water clogged area.

Additional discounts for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy


Exclusions for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

  • Normal Wear and tear and general ageing of the vehicle.
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss.
  • Mechanical/ Electrical breakdown.
  • Vehicle being used otherwise then in accordance with limitations of use.
  • Damage to or by a person driving the vehicle without a valid license, under the influence of drugs or liquor.
  • Damage due to war, mutiny or nuclear risk.

Claim Process for Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy

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