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Can I take multiple claims under Critical Illness cover for the same diseases?

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Can I take multiple claims under Critical Illness cover for the same diseases?

No, you can make only one claim for the same illness during the lifetime of the policy. Once a lump sum payout is made for a particular critical illness, the coverage under the policy will automatically be terminated and subsequent renewals shall be allowed in the policy for the particular insured person. In case the policy is issued for more than one Individual, it will continue to be in force for the remaining members.

However, there are certain policies which do continue for other benefits (leaving the one which has already been claimed) for the remaining policy period & subsequently if renewed.

Can I claim for the same illness under Health Insurance & Critical Illness Cover?

Yes. In case of a Critical Illness Claim then the hospitalization expenses incurred will be paid under Health Insurance and Lump sum benefit after the survival period will be paid under Critical Illness cover.

Can NRI take a critical illness insurance? Can they travel to India for treatment and claim? What about emergency situations?

Yes. NRI’s are eligible to take the Critical Illness Policy in India. However, they will need to show certain documents like residence proof, ITR, PIO etc. while applying for a claim. In case the documents are not available, then they are not eligible for the claim or get insurance in India.

Does the Critical Illness Policy pay for Hospitalization Benefit?

No, critical Illness Policy is a benefit plan and only pays a lump sum compensation on the diagnosis of Listed Specified diseases.

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