Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous insurance refers to the contract of insurance which is other than the life, fire, health and marine.

Let us look at the different types of miscellaneous insurance policy:-

Burglary insurance:

Such kind of policy are available for commercial establishments, factories, godowns, shops, commercial offices, etc. Property of the firm, cash, materials, etc. Can be covered.

Risk covered under the plan are:

  • Theft of the property after actual forcible and violent entry into the premises or theft following actual, forcible and violent exit from the premises.
  • Damage to the insured property or premises by burglars.
  • Cash cover when the cash is secured in the safe which is burglar proof.


  • Theft by persons lawfully on the premises (larceny or ordinary theft is not covered)
  • Loss of insurable under fire or plate glass policy

All risk insurance policy:

Policy which is suitable for covering jewelry, valuables, curios, antiques, work of art, paintings, watches, camera and other similar items.

Baggage insurance:

Policy shall cover accompanied baggage (not related to dealers stock or traveler's samples) during specified journey, which includes by air, sea, rail or road. It includes cover for burglary, theft or damage by accidental means.

Money insurance:

Property covered under this policy is - a) wages in direct transit from the bank to the insured premises. B) money other than under (a) above, in transit to and fro from the insured premises/ bank/ post office/ any other specified location. C) money other than specified in (a) and (b), collected by the insured's employee and in transit to the premises or bank.

Fidelity guarantee insurance:

Insurance Taken by the employer against any direct financial losses incurred due to Dishonesty of the employee.

Pedal cycle insurance:

Loss or damage to the cycle by fire, lightning, explosions, burglary, housebreaking, theft and accidental external means, legal liability for bodily injury to the third parties and for the loss of or damage to the property of third parties.

Plate glass insurance:

Policy covers against the actual breakage of the plain glass of ordinary glazing quality completely and securely fixed. Normal breakage due to fire, explosions, gas heat, earthquake, flood, war, riot and strikes, etc. Are excluded.

Neon sign insurance:

Insurance provides cover in respect of the loss or damage to the neon sign installation due to accidental external means or due to fire, lightning, external explosion or theft.

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