Monthly Income Plan

A monthly income plan is nothing but a debt oriented mutual fund which pays the income in the form of simple dividends. These funds are heavily invested in debt instruments like - debentures, corporate bonds, government securities, etc. This plan is beneficial for investors who are looking for medium risk investments or steady income flow. Currently, as per one of the reports the returns received under this plan is around 11.7% over the past three years.

Features of monthly income plans are:

  1. The income is not limited to the monthly payment plan, the customer has the option to receive it either Quaterly, semi-annually or annually.
  2. The dividends declared by the monthly income plans are tax-freein the hands of the investor and hence are not included in the taxable income.
  3. The fund is based on the ratioof 75:25 or 85:15 i.E. Debt:equity.
  4. Monthly income plans returns are influenced by interest rates and stock markets.
  5. Monthly income plans typically invests Bulk of its assets under a debt fund, while a small portion is invested in equity to maintain A extra earnings.

Save Tax
up to
Rs. 46,800
Section 80 (C)

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