FAQ - Critical Illness

Should someone buy a Critical Illness Cover

Yes. Critical Illness cover acts like a financial aid when you are diagnosed with a major illness. Before we dig into the reasons to buy a Critical Illness Plan, let us look at certain facts related to our current lifestyle and the illness that we are prone to:-

  • Stroke is the second biggest reason for death due to heart diseases
  • Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD) are the most prevalent heart diseases in India, contributing more than 85% of all CVD – Cardiovascular Diseases related deaths.
  • Approximately 2 million deaths per year are attributed to physical inactivity
  • In India someone suffers a Stroke once every 10 Min.
  • Average Life expectancy in India is 68yrs. We are surviving longer, but the big question is how healthy our lives would be.
  • India takes in some of the world's highest incidences of cancer: Cervical, gall bladder, oral and pharynx, which are also the most common
  • 30 percent of the urban population and 15 percent of the population living in rural areas suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Due to medical advancements, there are many who are surviving this major ailment, but the repercussion is also really high.

Let us understand with a simple example: If you are not married and have taken a Home Loan/ Car Loan/ Personal Loan, then you may need to buy Critical Policy to ensure your mortgages are paid. But if you are a family person, then you may require a critical illness to cover expenses for their education, taking care of your household expenses, etc.

Let us list a few reasons why you need to buy a Critical Illness Cover:-

  • Critical Illness policy provides a lump sum amount up front upon diagnosis, which can be utilized to pay medical bills, mortgage, rent, utilities, etc. and thereby lessen the financial burden, while you recuperate from the illness.


  • Critical Illness will result in huge expenses which will clean up your hard earned money within no time.


  • A Critical illness policy gives you a protection against Serious Illness such as Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, etc., which can force you to give up work temporarily or permanently and can adversely affect your finances.


  • The Cost of treating a Life-Threatening Disease is very high and your health insurance sum insured won’t be sufficient.


  • Once you are cured and back from hospital you will still need 4- 6 Month to recover before you can resume your work. Have you thought - without a fixed income who will take care of the EMI’s, Children’s School Fee, Other Medical Bills, etc.?

Each individual is not the same. While choosing the cover you need to keep in mind your current lifestyle, future demands. family responsibilities, pending loan amount, etc. If you would wish to know more and buy a Critical Illness Plan which will suit your needs, please click here.