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Student Travel Insurance Policy

Every parent dreams of sending their child abroad for further studies. But studying abroad not only incurs huge cost towards education but also towards other expenses like - medical expenses, an emergency visit to India due to some unforeseen event, parents need to visit their child due to some circumstances, loss of passport or baggage, etc. To ensure a safe and secure travel while you are on a foreign land. It is important to buy a student travel insurance.

Certain benefits of student travel insurance are:

  1. Covers expenses for medical treatment in case of hospitalization due to illness/ diseases/ accident
  2. Covers loss of baggage, passport or other incidental expense
  3. Covers accidental death & dismemberment (includingfelonious assualt)
  4. Medical assistance, medical evacuation, repatriation, legal assistance, lost luggage or lost passport, general assistance, pre-departure services, emergency travel agency.

Features covered under a student travel insurance are:

Existing disease cover: expenses incurred for covering existing diseases in case of life-threatening scenarios.

Medical treatment (repatriation & emergency evacuation): coverage of inpatient & outpatient treatment including transportation to the medical facility.

Dental care expenses: medical expenses for pain relieving dental treatment received by the insured person

Bail bond: a maximum specified amount is provided if the insured is wrongfully arrested or detained and the offence is bailable subject to the terms and conditions.

Loss of passport, travelers cheque, travelling tickets/ documents: reimbursement of expenses for obtaining duplicate or fresh passport or reasonable cost of replacing/ obtaining the stolen documents/ tickets

Personal accident: lump sum payout in the event of death or permanent total disability due to an accident

Delay of checked-in baggage: payment for purchasing essential personal items of medication, clothing, etc. Incase of checked-in baggage's delivery is delayed in a carrier.

Home fire & insurance contents: cover against any loss or damage of the contents at home of the insured in india, caused by fire and allied perils or through burglary and/or housebreaking while the insured is on a trip abroad.

Legal expenses: payment of legal cost and expenses incurred by the insured towards claims from third party in respect of death or disablement arising due to injury.

Personal liability: the policy will help cover against any legal liability (including defense costs) to pay damages for his negligence which results from a third party civil claim for third party death, bodily injury or property damage.

Total loss of checked-in baggage: payment of purchasing new items if the insured person's accompanying checked-in baggage for an overseas journey is permanently lost by a carrier.

Financial emergency cash: lump sum amount as stated in schedule of benefits Incase travel funds are lost due to the theft, pilferage, robbery or Dacoit

Compassionate visit: reimbursement of round trip & stay expenses of the immediate family members to visit the insured if they are hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days.

Accidental death & permanent total disablement:Common carrier: lump sum payout in the event of accident in carrier

Hijack distress allowance: payment of distress allowance in case of a hijack of the common carrier for more than 12hrs whilst on the trip.

Trip cancellation & curtailment: payment of travel & accommodation expenses if an outward journey is unavoidably cancelled or curtailed due to listed conditions.

Loss of deposit or cancellation - hotel & airline: compensation for loss of irrevocable deposits or charges paid in advance in case of, necessary & unavoidable cancellation of hotel & airline bookings.

Daily allowance in the event of hospitalization: a fixed daily amount payable for every day the insured person is hospitalized.

Trip delay:Lump sum payout in case of scheduled departure or arrival time of Carrier is beyond a 24hrs period

Missed connection: payment for accommodation and alternative travel charges, if connecting flight is missed due to the delayed arrival of his inward flight.

Overbooked flight: provides for indemnifying the insured/ insured person for the expenses incurred, if denied boarding of an aircraft on a commercial scheduled flight due to Over-booking.

Emergency accommodation: payment of compensation for the additional cost of emergency accommodation if the insured/ insured person could not stay in the accommodation originally booked due to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, explosion, outbreak of major infectious diseases.

Exclusions under a student travel insurance are:

The following are some of the exclusions applicable for a student travel insurance policies in india:

  1. Any pre-existing condition or any complication arising from it.
  2. If the insured person is travelling against the advice of a physician; or receiving or on a waiting list for receiving specified medical treatment; or is travelling for the purpose of obtaining treatment; or has received a terminal prognosis for a medical condition
  3. Suicide or attempted suicide as well as intentionally self-inflicted injury or illness.
  4. Mental disorder or nervous disorder, stress, anxiety or depression
  5. Sexually transmitted conditions, such as human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids).
  6. Serving in any branch of the military or armed forces of any country, whether in peace or war, in which case the insurance company will apply the pro rata premium for the duration of service.
  7. Participation in an actual or attempted crime, felony, misdemeanor, riot or civil commotion

Note: for a detailed list of exclusions please refer the policy wordings.

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