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What is Covered & not Covered under an Own Damage Section of Motor Insurance Policy

Own damage cover is an extensive policy which offers the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured along with a third party cover for the Below given perils:- The following perils are covered under a comprehensive policy.

Covers available under a motor insurance policy:

The following perils are covered under a comprehensive policy:

  • Accidental damages caused by external means
  • Fire, explosion, implosions, self-ignition, lightning
  • Natural calamities: flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost.
  • Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, air, lift or elevator.
  • Act of terrorism
  • Riot and strike, malicious damage
  • Burglary, theft, housebreaking
  • Earthquakes (fire & shock damage)
  • Landslide & rockslide
  • In this section, additional protection on payment of extra premium is available against:

A. Extra fittings like tape recorders, air-conditioners, fans etc.

B. Personal accident benefits of passengers.

C. Wider legal liability under common law for employees engaged in Operation of vehicles such as paid driver and cleaner as also six Coolies/ Bona-fide employees carried in/on good trucks.

Exclusions under a motor insurance policy

The following contingencies will not be covered under the motor insurance policy:

  • Wear and tear and depreciation
  • Not having a valid driving license
  • Accident taking place beyond the geographical limits. However, the limit can be extended to Bangladesh, Bhutan, nepal, pakistan, sri lanka & maldives on payment of extra premium.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns, failures or breakages
  • Theft of accessories if the vehicle itself is not stolen and
  • Consequential loss
  • Contractual liability
  • Damage to tyres and tubes unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time when the liability of the company is limited to 50% of the cost of replacement
  • Any accidental loss or damage suffered whilst the insured or any person driving withHe knowledge and consent of the insured is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • Compulsory deductibles under a private car policy (at the time of claim): a compulsory deductibles amount is a fixed amount which is charged to the customer whenever a claim arises. As per irda, the amount charged for a private car & 2 wheeler is as below:-

    up to 1500 cc -------  Rs 1,000/-

    above 1500 cc------- Rs 2,000/-

    two wheeler -------- Rs 100/-

Subject to deduction for depreciation at the rates mentioned below in respect of the parts replaced:

  1. For all rubber/ nylon/ plastic parts/ tyres and tubes, batteries and air bags - 50% depreciation
  2. For fibre glass components - 30% depreciation
  3. For all parts made of glass - nil depreciation

Rate of depreciation for all other parts including wooden parts will be as per the age of the vehicle:

Age of the motor vehicle % of the depreciation
Up to 6 months Nil
Between 6months & 1yr 5%
Between 1yr & 2yrs 10%
Between 2yrs & 3yrs 15%
Between 3yrs & 4yrs 25%
Between 4yrs & 5yrs 35%
Between 5yrs &10yrs 45%
Over 10yrs 50%

Towing charges:

In the event, if the vehicle is disabled as a result of damage covered under the policy, the insurer will bear the cost of protecting the vehicle and removing it the nearest garage. A reasonable cost is paid to the insured which is limited to a maximum of rs. 1500 (cars).


Ordinaryrepairs arising out of damage covered under the policy can be carried out only after they are authorised by the insurer. However, the insured is allowed to carry out the repairs without authorization from the insurer, provided the below clause shall apply:

  1. The estimated cost of such repair doesnot exceed rs. 500/- (rs. 150 for motor cycles)
  2. The insurer Are furnished forthwith with a detailed estimate of the cost.
  3. The insured gives the insurers every assistance to ensure that such repair is necessary and the charge is reasonable.

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