FAQ - Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a coverage that pays for the insured’s medical and surgical expenses, arising out of sickness or injury. It is an important tool considering the rise in health related issues, increasing healthcare costs and the financial security it offers during a medical contingency.


There are a variety of health insurance products available and not all products are suited for your needs. There are various factors you should consider before purchasing health insurance. Most of the policies offer cashless facility at network hospitals, wherein the insurance company pays directly to the service provider. The other option is to get reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expense after submitting the bills and related documents. There are various exclusions such as pre-existing diseases, injury due to war, self inflicted injury, etc. which are not covered under health insurance. It is important to thoroughly understand the policy or consult an insurance expert before purchasing the plan that best suits you and your family.