FAQ - Travel Insurance

What is TPA?

Travel Insurance Plans are offered by many Insurance Companies, but in most cases, the company will not have an office at all the destinations where you plan to travel. This is the main reason a TPA is appointed. A Third Party Administrator (Commonly referred as TPA) is an IRDA (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority) approved specialized service providers. As per IRDA's website, there is a total of 30 TPA's (Third Party Administrator's) in India, as on 15th January 2016.

A TPA is a company hired service provider appointed by an Insurance Company for providing Cashless Facility to their customer. Claim Filling is a Cumbersome process. A TPA usually helps to ease this process. However, the actual liability for the claims lies with the insurance company. The TPA acts as a mediator and serves as a Claim Processor, Information Provider for the customer and also helps in networking. In the event the customer needs to file a claim, they may contact the Insurance Companies Helpline Number or the TPA.  

Certain Services Offered by TPA's are:

1. Cashless Hospitalization/ Pre-Authorization Services for Hospitals/ Dental Claims at Network Hospitals

2. Medical Benefits

3. Emergency Medical Assistance

4. Accidental Death Benefit

5. Repatriation of Mortal Remains

6. Baggage Delay/ Loss of Baggage

7. Loss of Passport

8. Sickness Dental Relief

However, it is important to check who is your TPA or Claim Service Provider and what benefits they offer. To know more about the Travel Insurance Claim Process, Please click on the link below: