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When is the right time to buy life Insurance
Life Insurance

When is the right time to buy life Insurance

Here’s a simple exercise you can consider.


Take an empty piece of paper and draw a circle right in the center.


I’m sure you share a special relationship with your dependents.  Pen down what they call you inside the circle. Next, write down all your aspirations and dreams you wish you’d like to fulfill for them, but this you should have to write outside the circle.


The dream vacation, a big apartment, and maybe even the best of education for your child – pen it all down.  How about some loans? Got any? Home, car, business; write them all down outside the circle. Now shift your focus to everyday life, you have your expenses, weekend trips to the local supermarket, pen them all down.


So you have written down all your aspirations for your family, your liabilities and even your expenses in that sheet of paper, which will soon be more important than just a sheet of paper. All this is possible since you are there in the center and are making it happen.


Now here’s the thought provoking part.  Fold the paper from top to bottom just once so that all that you’ve written is on the inside now.  You’re doing well so far! Next, tear the paper (a small half circle) from the middle of the fold so that torn portion is actually a circle. Unfold the sheet and what do you find? All your aspirations, expenses, liabilities are still there, but the one in the center isn’t around.


If this exercise made you think even for a moment, the answer to the question on the right time to buy life insurance is – NOW!

 If there’s one thing that can fill in financially for the gap in the middle – it’s insurance.

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