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An absolute must for those who with dependents

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An absolute must for those who with dependents

Why Compare Life Insurance Plan with us?

A life insurance product is one of the simplest forms of safeguarding your family from eventuality. At OneInsure, we make sure that you are able to choose an ideal life insurance for yourself without any confusion. An early start with a life insurance product ensures a higher life cover and a financial stability at all times.
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With OneInsure as your trusted partner, you have the benefit of a lifetime service, without having to worry.
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Useful Tips while Buying a Term Insurance Plan

Lower Premium at Early Age
Premium is based on the age of the individual. Buying Term Insurance at a young age will fetch you a Lower Premium. 
Calculates your needs
Analyze your & your dependants Current & Future Needs before finalizing your cover. Always Opt for a Higher Life Cover. 
Brace for Inflation
Rising prices affect our future financial requirements. Inflation needs to be considered while choosing the right product. 

What is a Life Insurance Plan?

Term Insurance Plans are pure protection policies, which offers a lump sum payout to the beneficiary, up on the death of the life insured. Term policy does not offer any maturity benefit. It is one of the best and affordable forms of Life Insurance cover available in the market. One should always opt for a Term Insurance Plan as it provides a financial stability in the event of any unfortunate incidence. Factors to be considered while buying Term Policy are Rising Costs, Future Requirements and Lifestyle Changes. 

While buying a Term Insurance Plan it is important to consider the Rising Cost, Future Requirements and Lifestyle Changes. One should opt for a cover, at least, 15-20 times of their Annual Income.

Benefits offered in a Life Insurance Policy

Higher Cover
Term Insurance plan is a pure risk cover. The main feature of this product is to offer you a higher cover at an affordable premium.
Fixed Premium
A term insurance plan offers you the benefit of a fixed premium and the premium remains constant until the end of the tenure. 
Peace of Mind
Safeguarding ourselves from the risk should be our top most priority. A term insurance plan offers us that and peace of mind! 
Tax Benefit
The premium paid and the payouts received are tax-free under Section 80C & 10(10D) of Income Tax.

Premium for Life Insurance Plan is determined by

Current Age
The younger you are, the lower will be your premium. As the age increases the risk will increase, so does your Premium. 
Premium for men & women is different. Since women live for a longer period, there is a discount on the premium. 
Tenure Of Coverage
Term insurance plans are available for various tenure. A long tenure term plan ensures a low premium as compared to short tenure term plan. 
Medical Conditions
Poor Health Conditions like smoking, drinking habits, etc. can affect your premium amount. In most cases it means a higher premium value.

How much Life Insurance coverage a person should get depends on

(Multiply your Current Annual Income by 15-20 times to determine the Term Cover you will require for fulfilling your family's future needs.)

Number of Dependents to be Covered.
City in which you Reside.
Your Current & Future Lifestyle.
Outstanding Liabilities like Car Loan, Home Loan, etc.
Current Investments & Savings.
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