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Policy Result

Guaranteed Surrender Value

₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.GuarSurrenderValue|numberFormat}}

Current Surrender Value

₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.SurrenderValuePayable|numberFormat}}


₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.VestedBonusSV|numberFormat}}

Loan Available

₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.LoanAvailable|numberFormat}}

Paid Up Value

₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.PaidUpValueSV|numberFormat}}

Projected Maturity Value

₹ {{viewCalculatePlan.ProjMaturityValue|numberFormat}}

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LIC Calculator

Welcome to the LIC Solutions tab. This is a dynamic LIC policy calculator that will display the following vital information about your LIC policy or policies:

  • Accumulated Bonuses-The extra sum that gets accumulated every year to the policy
  • Guaranteed Surrender Value- The amount guaranteed to you in case you voluntarily terminate the policy before maturity
  • Current Surrender Value-If you terminate your policy very early into the term (before the lock-in period concludes), there are certain charges that apply; this tab will display your surrender value after deducting these charges
  • Loan Availability – Acts as an LIC loan calculator; you can then decide how much loan on LIC policy you can avail
  • Paid-up Value- This is calculated by multiplying the sum assured with the ratio of the number of premiums paid to the number of premiums payable
  • Projected Maturity Value – Acts as an LIC maturity amount calculator; for example, this will help you if you are looking for LIC Jeevan Anand maturity calculator, LIC New Jeevan Anand maturity calculator, or LIC Endowment policy maturity calculator.

At OneInsure, our technology-driven team is always innovating and looking for ways to make your insurance experience more easy, intuitive, and effortless. This LIC return calculator is an effort in that direction. This feature is also available in the OneInsure app, of course.

To receive these details, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Enter your accurate details, such as DOB, Gender, Date of Commencement, Last Premium Paid Date, and so on in the relevant fields.
  2. Click on SUBMIT and you will see the details in the POLICY RESULT section.

If you need further assistance, you can also request a call back by dropping your Name and Email ID at the bottom of the POLICY RESULT section.

Note that this feature is not supported for Term and ULIP policies.

This unique LIC plans calculator will give you a never-before-seen view of how your plans are performing and what their current status is. Other than providing LIC maturity amount, it also provides other crucial information, such as Current Surrender Value and Paid-up Value. This makes this tool an LIC all in all calculator..

As the reader may know,many Indians have bought LIC policies. But they are not up-to-date about how their policies are performing. This is because they are not in touch with their agents or the company. Even if they are in touch with them, detailed pieces of information like the ones OneInsure’s LIC maturity calculator provides is not easily available. For them, LIC Solutions will be a very useful tool. For example, the Projected Maturity Value figure will be very useful for those who would like to use an LIC Jeevan Labh maturity calculator, LIC Jeevan Saral calculator, LIC Endowment plan maturity calculator, or LIC Money Back plan maturity calculator. So, don’t hesitate to forward the link to your friends and family who own LIC policies and want to know their LIC policy maturity value!