Motor Insurance

Two Wheeler Motor Insurance Policy

When you buy a bike you treat it like your own baby. You take care of it, wash it weekly, take your loved ones for a ride. It is one of the most important parts of your life.

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Private Car Insurance Policy

A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers your vehicle against any loss occurred due to an accident.

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What is PoS and PoSP?

The insurance regulatory and development authority of India, better known as IRDAI, which is responsible for all insurance-related activity in the country, has recently devised a unique way to ensure every citizen of India has the opportunity to be under t

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What consists of a car insurance claim procedure?

A car insurance claim procedure generally consists of the following steps:

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How to claim insurance pay out in case of car theft?

If your car gets stolen but you hold a car insurance plan, then do not panic. Follow these simple instructions step by step and know how to claim insurance payout in this case.

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What consists of a car insurance claim process?

If you have a car, you ought to have a car insurance plan. When you meet with an accident or any misfortune happens in relation to your car, you will look forward to file a claim process.

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What does a car insurance claim procedure entail?

If you have met with an accident and you're wondering how to go about with the insurance claim, here's your step by step guide to car insurance claim procedure:

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How does car accident insurance claim work? What is the procedure?

When you meet with a car accident, you need to take care of the following things:

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How to raise a claim on car insurance policy?

Wondering how to raise a claim on your car insurance policy? Read the below 5 points to understand what you need to make your car insurance claim stronger.

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Common Add-on Covers under a Motor Insurance Policy

Here is the list of common add-on covers which you can add-on while buying a comprehensive car insurance policy:

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Health Insurance

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