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If you have a car, you ought to have a car insurance plan. When you meet with an accident or any misfortune happens in relation to your car, your car insurance acts as a life-cum-money saver for it is the smartest way to financially secure yourself and your car.

Bought a New Car When to Get Insurance?

In India, you need to have a car insurance policy before you drive off with a car. Your dealer will offer you car insurance, and also good deals on it. But it is always good to check online and if you feel the policy offered by your dealer is inadequate in any way, you can purchase car insurance online on the basis of the engine number and chassis number of the new vehicle.

Note that on July 20, 2018, the Supreme Court ordered that third-party insurance cover for new cars have to be compulsorily taken for a period of three years. This has been enforced from September 1, 2018.

Where Can I Get Car Insurance Quotes?

You can get your car insurance quotes from either online or offline variants. Buying a car insurance policy online is the easiest and quickest method. But before purchasing an insurance policy for your car, make sure to compare the rates offered by each insurance provider for covering your car along with strong research about its features, benefits, costs, etc. So that when a product is presented to you, you will be able to easily tell if what is communicated to you is true and honest.

Let us assist you with your question, ‘where can I get car insurance online?’. Get a car insurance quote online where you can compare plans and purchase the one that fits best for all your needs.

Why Get a Motor Insurance Quote Online?

The catch with offline quotes is that agent commissions are added to the premiums and thus they tend to be costlier than the same plan bought online. Here are many other benefits of getting a motor or car insurance quotes online:

  • Compare coverage and premiums of all the car insurance companies at one place and get the best premium rates for your car
  • Customize your policy as per your requirement
  • Opt for add-ons and avail additional protection with your insurance policy
  • Compare discounts offered by different insurers and buy the policy from an insurer that offers the best deal
  • The process of getting and comparing policy online is transparent so you get a crystal clear picture of the policies without any biases
  • One can get reviews of the policy and insurer or the broker from other policyholders’ experiences.


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Additional Benefits of buying Car Insurance via OneInsure

Apart from the benefits of getting car insurance quotes online, following are the additional benefits of buying car insurance via OneInsure:

  • Get quick quotes and buy a car insurance policy within minutes
  • Compare car insurance prices and get the right policy at the most competitive rates
  • Right from helping you file a claim until its settlement, we’ve got everything covered!
  • Round-the-clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all kinds of car policies for a lifetime
  • Experience the ease of managing your policies from anywhere and anytime
  • Find network garages with easy on OneInsure app
  • You can store all your policies on the OneInsure app so that they are always available digitally. All the information is always handy and can be used in case of emergencies.


For any further assistance or queries regarding car insurance, feel free to reach out to us at support@oneinsure.com or 86559–86559. We have a team of experts to dispense unbiased advice to help you select the most suitable plan for your prized possession.


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2 burgers per month

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Your yearly cost on fast food = roughly ₹ 8,400
Cost of Health Insurance for whole family with ₹ 5 lakhs cover!

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