Motor Insurance

What is the step by step car insurance claim process in case of theft?

In case your car has been stolen and you have an active car insurance policy i.e. You have been paying your premiums regularly, then you can raise a claim with your insurance company to recover the losses incurred.

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How do I make car insurance claim for my vehicle damaged during rains?

Damaged cars because of rains can be very frustrating. On top of that, the expenses incurred on its repairs may also burn a hole in your pocket. But as long as you have a valid and right insurance policy, you can save yourself a considerable amount.

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What are the most important car insurance claim advices that one needs to keep in my mind?

Given the number of accidents that take place every year, making a car insurance claim has become very frequent. So here are our top car insurance claim advices that you should adhere to, to make sure that your claim does not get rejected.

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Accident Claims – How to File Them?

In the event of an accident, knowing how to submit an insurance claim is the most essential thing. If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, you must immediately notify your insurance company and the police.

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What is a Motor Insurance Policy?

Motor insurance is an outright need for any individual who drives a vehicle and the fact that in India, third party motor insurance are even mandated by law.

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What are the different types of motor insurance coverage?

There are 2 types of motor insurance policies available:

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What is Covered & not Covered under an Own Damage Section of Motor Insurance Policy

Own damage cover is an extensive policy which offers the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured along with a third party cover for the below given perils:- The following perils are covered under a comprehensive policy.

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What is an IDV in Motor Insurance?

IDV or insured declared value is the maximum sum assured of your vehicle which is agreed by the insurer and paid in the event of accidental damage, theft or total loss of the vehicle. IDV is basically the current market value of the vehicle.

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How is the Premium Calculated under a Motor Insurance Policy?

The premium rating is based on the following factors:

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How does a no claims bonus work in a Motor Insurance Policy?

No claim bonus is generally earned by the insured on the own damage section of the policy. In the event if the insured does not claim during the year, then at the time of renewal he will get a discount on the premium.

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