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What is a Travel Insurance?

Travelling is an important and regular event for every individual whether it is for leisure or work. But travelling has its own risk and probabilities for unforeseen events or situational distress. In order to make your travel itinerary fool proof, it is mandatory to add a Travel insurance. A good travel insurance will protect you against situations like delay in flights leading to financial loss, loss of baggage, loss of passport, Accidental injury, medical emergency, etc.

A Travel insurance might sound like those extended warranties on certain products which are not worth. But in actuality, in some cases, shelling out for buying a travel insurance is a smart move. Post the 9/11 attack in the United States, many travelers have understood the importance of Travel Insurance and are adding the same to their Pre-Travel List. The main reasons for buying travel insurance are:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Protection against Unexpected Loss
  3. Concerns over losing the financial investment during a trip

Benefits offered under a Travel Insurance Policy:

Medical Treatment
Cover for Inpatient & Outpatient medical treatment including transportation to the nearest medical facility in the event of hospitalization.
Emergency Cover
An unexpected emergency such as flight cancellation, missed flight, Trip Delay, etc. will be covered under a Travel Insurance Policy.
Loss of Baggage
In the event of Permanent Loss of Checked-in Baggage by a Carrier, a lumpsum amount will be payable towards purchasing new items.
Medical Evacuation
Expenses incurred at the time of transportation from a Hospital to the nearest advanced medical facility, if medically necessary.
Trip Cancellation
In case the trip is cancelled for an unavoidable reason as listed, then the amount paid for accommodation & Travel will be covered.
Loss of Passport
In the event of loss of passport, the cost involved in procuring a fresh or duplicate passport would be covered.

Premium for Travel Insurance Policy is determined by

Sum Insured Opted for
Benefits & Coverages offers
Duration of the Travel
Travel Destination
Age & Current Health Stauts

Smart Buying Tips - Travel Insurance Policy

Always do a proper research before purchasing a Travel Insurance. Buy a Product that Best Suits your needs.
Choose the most comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy which offers maximum benefits.
Read the Policy terms & Conditions (Inclusions & Exclusions) carefully.

Travel Insurance Claim Process

Claim Settlement is one of the most important services that is offered by the insurance company to their customers. 
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