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Product Overview

Max Life Whole Life Super is a life insurance plan in which you pay premiums for only a limited number of years and enjoy protection up to the age 100 years. With the power of bonuses, life cover continues to increase as your age increases. In case of your death, your family will get a comprehensive death benefit that will take care of all the financial needs and provide a legacy for your family.

Product Description

  • This is a Traditional Participating Whole Life Plan.
  • This is a Participating plan with bonus facility, Bonus is declared every year after 3 policy years
  • There are 3 options for Bonus
  • This plan continues till the Life Insured is 100 years of age.


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Unique Features

  • The plan provides 3 options for bonus: Cash Bonus-where you can take the bonus in cash, Premium Offset - where you can use the bonus to pay a part of your premium, Paid-Up Additions - where you can use the bonus to permanently increase the Sum Assured.
  • In addition to this, plan also provides liquidity through Paid-up addition withdrwal facility. In case of a diagnosis of a terminal illness, the plan provides 50% sum assured immediately upto a max limit of 10 lac.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria
Entry Age Minimum Age at entry: 18 years
Maximum Age at entry
Premium Payment Term  Maximum entry age 
10 years 60 years
15 Years 55 Years
20 Years 50 Years
Maturity Age Policy anniversary following or coinciding with the life insured attaining age 100 years 
The only available maturity age is 100 years.
Minimum Premium  The minimum premium for the product (10/15/20 Pay) is Rs. 8,500 p.a. excluding extra premium, modal extra, service tax and education cess.
Maximum Premium No limit, subject to the Board approved underwriting policy of the Company.
Premium Payment Term 10 Years, 15 Years or 20 Years.
Sum Assured Limits Minimum: Rs. 50,000, subject to ¬minimum premium of  Rs. 8,500 
Maximum: No Limit (subject to the Board approved underwriting policy of the Company)

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Product Benefit

  • Maturity Benefit: On the maturity, that is, policy anniversary coinciding with or immediately following Life Insured’s 100th birthday, the following benefit will be paid:
  1. Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured, plus
  2. Accrued Paid Up Additions (if any), plus
  3. Terminal Bonus (if any)
  • Death Benefit: On the death during the term of the policy, the following benefits will be paid:
  1. Guaranteed Death Benefit, plus
  2. Accrued Paid Up Additions (if any), plus
  3. Terminal Bonus (if any)

Other Policy Features

Feature Description
Get guaranteed life time protection The plan offers you a guaranteed protection for life till age 100 which continues to grow
through bonuses. On attainment of age 100, this plan gives you 100% of Guaranteed
Maturity Sum Assured along with Accrued Paid Up Additions (if any) and Terminal Bonus
(if any).
Flexible Bonus Option Paid in Cash: The Bonus declared will be paid in cash.
Premium Offset: Use the bonus to offset the premium payable under the Policy. 
In the event the bonus is in excess of the premium payable under the policy, the excess will be paid out in cash.
However, if the bonus is not sufficient, the shortfall should be paid in full to keep the policy in force. 
Paid Up additions Utilize the bonus, if any, to buy single premium endowment benefits,
which will mature along with the base policy.
Terminal Bonus Terminal Bonus is an additional bonus paid only ONCE, on earlier of Death, Surrender or Maturity. In case of surrender, the cash value of Terminal Bonus shall be paid.
Note:-  Please note that Bonuses are NOT guaranteed and may be as declared by the Company time to time.
Paid Up Additions Withdrawal In case you have chosen Paid Up Additions as bonus option, you have the flexibility to
withdraw the cash value of the same in case of any need.
Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured Bands (Higher Sum Assured offer lower premium rates) There are five sum assured bands assumed for this product as
mentioned in the table below:
Sum Assured
Sum Assured range (Rs)
1 50,000 to 249,999
2 250,000 to 499,999
3 500,000 to 999,999
4 1,000,000 to 4,999,999
5 5,000,000 & above
Illness Benefit
Up to 50% of the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured (Face Amount) at the date of intimation (or RPU Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured if applicable), subject to maximum cumulative amount of ` 10 lacs under all policies which provide for the Terminal Illness Benefit
Surrender The policyholder can surrender the policy anytime after it has acquired a surrender value.
The policy acquires a Surrender Value immediately on payment of first three years’ premium.
The surrender value will be equal to the higher of Guaranteed Surrender Value (GSV) or Special Surrender
Value (SSV).
Guaranteed Surrender Value Guaranteed Surrender Value (GSV) =
GSV Factor X Total premiums paid
plus(GSV Factors are described in the sales brochure)
Special Surrender Value Special Surrender Value (SSV) will be determined by the
Company from time to time and is equal to or higher than
the GSV.
Non-Forfeiture Benefit : Reduced Paid-Up (RPU) Once the policy acquires a surrender value (after payment of 3 full years’ premiums), by default the policy
will become RPU in case of non-payment of any further premium.
Revival of Policy: If we do not receive a Premium by the end of the Grace Period, the Policy will lapse
However, if the policy has acquired cash value, it  will be subject to the chosen non-forfeiture option. 
The cost of providing evidence of insurability would be the actual medical examination fee plus an
administrative fee, which shall be not more than ` 2000/-.


  • Max Life Payor Rider:
    Max Life Payor Rider provides policy continuance benefit in case of death or disability of the payor. This rider can be taken only if the Policyholder is different from life insured.
  • Max Life Term Plus Rider:
    Max Life Term Plus Rider provides additional death benefit in case of your death. The benefits under this rider are payable along with the base plan benefit(s).
  • Max Life Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider:
    Max Life Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider provides additional protection benefits in case you meet with an accident, leading to dismemberment or death. The benefits under this rider are payable over and above the base plan benefits.
  • Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider:
    You can add Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider to your life insurance policy and get waiver of all future premiums in case of Death, Disease or Dismemberment. The benefits under this rider are payable over and above the base plan benefits.


Notwithstanding anything stated herein, if the Life Insured, whether sane or insane, dies by suicide within 12 months of the effective date of risk commencement or the date of revival of policy, the policy shall terminate immediately.

Tax Benefits

You may be entitled to certain applicable tax benefits on your premiums and Policy benefits. Please note that all the tax benefits are subject to tax laws prevailing at the time of payment of premium or receipt of benefits by you. It is advisable to seek an independent tax consultation.

Claim Process

Know Claim Process of Max Whole Life Super Plan

Claim Process

Company Overview

Max Life Insurance, one of the leading life insurers, is a joint venture between Max India Ltd. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd. Max India is a leading Indian multi-business corporate, while Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is a member of MS&AD Insurance Group, which is amongst the top general insurers in the world.


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