Health Insurance

Critical Illness Policy

Changing lifestyle is responsible for an increase in the count of critical illness cases. Discovering a critical illness at any point in one's life can be extremely devastating.

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Hospital Cash Benefit

Hospital cash benefit are designed to cover the insured against the number of days the insured is hospitalized due to an illness/ diseases/ injury.

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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessary policy for every age group, especially for those who are 60 years & above. As the age increases the probability for suffering from diseases/ illness or injury is higher.

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Personal Accident Policy

Crisis and disaster can affect our lives at anytime and anywhere. an accident is one such nightmare that can break you emotionally, physically and financially too. An accidental injury needs immediate medical attention and hospitalization.

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Health Insurance Plans

Life is a packaged deal of good and bad surprises, worries and challenges. Sudden illness, accidents and injuries can be a huge setback if you are not fully- equipped to deal with them.

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What are low deductibles in health insurance?

Under health insurance, there are generally two categories of deductibles: high deductibles and low deductibles. The deductible is the amount that the policyholder pays out of his/her own pocket before making a claim in the event of hospitalization.

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How do I submit a claim for my medical insurance policy?

Making a claim at times can be very troublesome and tiring. Follow the below mentioned steps to submit a claim for your medical insurance policy.

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What to keep in mind before submitting health insurance claim form?

Before filing a claim, get the doctor to first provide you the itemized bill, which mentions all of the services you have received as well as their cost. Get the health insurance claim form from the insurance company and fill it with complete honesty.

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How to make claim on accidental insurance?

Personal accidental insurance pays out a lump sum benefit should you suffer disability or pass away in an accident. In the event of an accident, follow the below steps to make a claim under personal accident policy:

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How do I file a health insurance claim?

Health insurance claims can be made two ways - reimbursement claims and cashless claims.

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Health Insurance

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