FAQ - Personal Accident

What are the Add-on benefits available under a Personal Accident Plan?

Below is the list of additional benefits covered under a Personal Accident Plan: 

  1. Repatriation of remains- This policy covers expenses related to transportation of remains during an emergency, while in a foreign country.
  2. Expenses incurred for carriage of dead body of the insured (Only if the death is due to an accident) to place of residence are reimbursed subject to limitations as stated in the policy document
  3. Children Education Benefit - In the case of death of the insured, the policy pays for the education expenses of maximum two dependent children, subject to a pre-decided limit as specified in the policy document.
  4. Family Transportation - the policy pays for the expenses incurred in transporting one immediate family member to the hospital, subject to conditions specified in the policy.
  5. Transportation of Imported Medicine - This policy covers expenses incurred in importing medicines to India, provided the medicines are not available in India and are necessary.
  6. Purchase of Blood - This policy reimburses expenses incurred in purchasing blood through a hospital or a legitimate blood bank for the treatment of the policyholder.
  7. Medical Expenses – This policy provides for reimbursement of actual medical expenses incurred following a medical treatment which caused due to an accident. The reimbursement shall be limited to the amount as specified in the policy schedule.
  8. Ambulance Expenses – It reimburses the Ambulance expenses incurred to ferry the insured from the accidental spot to the nearest hospital will be covered. Limits shall be applicable as disclosed in the policy documents.
  9. Broken Bones – If the insured sustains bodily injury due to an accident, which directly or independently results in broken bones (Specified as per the list), then a compensation will be paid as per the benefit chart.
  10. Burns – In the event of an accident which results in hospitalization of the insured for the treatment of burns, then a certain percentage of the sum insured will be payable.