What is the Aegon Life Cancer Care Plan?

Aegon Life’s iCancer Insurance plan is the best Aegon Life Cancer Care that covers the life insured for meeting expenses incurred on cancer treatment. The plan pays out the coverage amount on different stages of cancer. It covers all types of cancer (over 100 types) excluding the skin cancer.

Features and Benefits

  • The plan covers 100+ types of cancer except for skin cancer.
  • Premium amount will be decided based on the required cover amount and the policy period.
  • While the minimum sum assured is ₹10L, the maximum is ₹50L
  • The minimum policy term is 5 years. The maximum policy term can be 70 years less age of entry.
  • Maximum age of maturity under this plan is 75 years.
  • One can choose to pay premiums either monthly or annually.
  • The plan gets activated within 14 days of requesting and making payment of the policy.
  • The sum assured is paid out based on different stages of cancer in the following manner:
    • Minor stage – 25% of the total sum assured less any previous claim/s paid (A maximum of ₹5L is paid in this stage)
    • Major stage – 100% of the total sum assured less any previous claim/s paid
    • Critical stage – 150% of the total sum assured less any previous claim/s paid
  • Premium Waiver Benefit – When the claim raised against the policy during the Major Stage of cancer is approved, all the remaining future premiums are waived off. The policy benefits will however remain active until the plan is terminated.


Individuals falling within the age bracket of 18 to 65 years are eligible to sign up for this plan.

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