Critical Illness

Can I take multiple claims under Critical Illness cover for the same diseases?

Queries related to critical illness: Can i take multiple claims under critical illness cover for the same diseases?

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Which of the Major Critical Illness are covered under a Critical Illness Policy?

Critical illness policy is a fixed benefit plan. The insurance will get the full sum insured irrespective whether one is hospitalized or not or what is the actual expenses for the treatment. The list may vary depending on the insurance company

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What is a survival period under the Critical Illness Policy?

Survival period is the length of time the insured must survive after he/she has been diagnosed with a covered critical illness. The duration or length of the survival period varies among different insurance companies.

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What is the meaning of the Major Critical Illness Covered under the Policy?

Definition for the major critical illness:-

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What is the difference between a Critical Illness & Health Insurance Policy?

There are different kinds of insurance plans available in the market. The basic types are mediclaim / health insurance, critical illness, personal accident policy, hospital cash benefit, senior citizen health insurance, etc.

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What are the Exclusions and Waiting period under the Critical Illness Policy?

Critical illness plan covers an individual against serious illness which has a debilitating effect on their lifestyle, financial conditions and require a considerable amount of money to take care of the treatments.

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What are the documents required at the time of claim under Critical Illness Policy?

The insured needs to provide the below documents for the initial assessment of the claim. All documents should be original and submitted at to the insurance company along with the claim form.

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What are the claim payout options under a Critical Illness Cover?

Generally, most of the policies offer a lump sum payout options under a critical illness cover.

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Should someone buy a Critical Illness Cover?

Yes. Critical illness cover acts like a financial aid when you are diagnosed with a major illness.

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Can I transfer my critical illness policy from one insurance company to another?

Yes. As per the rule passed by IRDAI - Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India, effective 1st Oct 2011, which allows portability from one insurance companies to another insurance company without losing any renewal benefits.

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