Travel Insurance

I’m 60+ and I had a medical emergency while I was vacationing abroad with my wife. How do I file a claim for my seniors travel insurance?

Firstly, it is important to file a claim quickly or the time period to do so might lapse, so hurry.

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What do I keep in mind when buying Travel Insurance in India?

The very fact that you are reading this makes you special. Very few travelers realize the importance of travel insurance in case of calamities. Let's look at some to-dos and to-don'ts of travel insurance.

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What Does a Foreign Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

Before you embark on your much-awaited foreign trip, It is strongly recommended that you get yourself covered under a good foreign / international travel insurance plan. A good international travel insurance plan will cover you for the following:

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I Had a Medical Emergency while I was Vacationing Abroad. How Do I File a Claim for my Travel Health Insurance?

It is important to file a claim quickly or the time period to do so might lapse, so hurry. Most travel insurance policies cover medical emergencies, so you just need to have the right documents and you will be able to claim your travel medical insurance.

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Which Is The Best Travel Insurance Plan In India?

While some countries make travel insurance mandatory, the others don't. Nevertheless, travel insurance is extremely important regardless of which country you're travelling to and weather you're travelling abroad or within the home country.

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What are the factors that determine the Premium Calculation for Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel insurance should be the most important itinerary while planning the budget for your holiday. A travel insurance will cost anywhere bet 4% to 8% of the total vacation trip cost.

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What are the liabilities / risk which are covered under a Travel Insurance Policy to protect an Individual?

When you are travelling abroad it is one of the most delightful experiences to visit different places and explore the world.

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What is TPA?

Travel insurance plans are offered by many insurance companies, but in most cases, the company will not have an office at all the destinations where you plan to travel. This is the main reason a tpa is appointed.

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Due to hospitalization in abroad, do the family member coming to abroad will get the fare expenses? For, how many members it is covered?

Yes, the policy will reimburse the fare expense for just one family member. It is covered under the compassionate visit.

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If I sustain a loss on the last day of the policy and continue treatment in abroad will the policy be extended to cover the loss? If yes, what will be the charges?

Yes, if the policy has such provisions, then the cover will be extended at no additional cost. However, there are very few policies that offer extension of the cover when the insured is abroad.

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