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Most people talk about the financial risks associated with passing away too early – this is why term plans are such a popular product among salaried Indians. But very few discuss the financial risks associated with living too long.

When it was decided that 60 should be the age for retirement, life expectancy was no more than 67 – 70 years of age. Therefore, the savings and pensions people had was enough to take care of them until their eventual death. With medical and technological advancements now, however, financial planning needs to span at least 25 – 30 years after retirement. Of course, children will be there to take care of you, but why depend? Besides, you can never guess the circumstances of a time that lies several decades from now.

So, what are the things you need to take care of, to lead an independent life when you’re in your golden years? 

Your Health

Health deteriorates as we age. Moreover, with the discontinuance of regular income, burgeoning healthcare expenses will be too much to bear. Let’s not forget inflation either, which can hurt even more when you’re in your golden years. 

An adequate health insurance plan is your savior, which will take care of your medical expenses without burning a hole in your pocket.

Day-to-day and Special Expenses

At retirement, your income will stop but your expenses won’t. Inflation will not help either. And there’s more to life besides day-to-day expenses that you’d like to enjoy after retirement – hit the road and travel occasionally, join a club, or maybe even learn a new skill. Without enough resources, will you be able to manage all this? No, not unless you prepare for it in advance.

A great Retirement Plan is what you need to be prepared in advance to help you tick all those post-retirement goals off your bucket list.

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