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Bring Balance to Your Life and Your Portfolio with Guaranteed Plans

The Yesses

  • Yes, COVID-19 is still in the news
  • Yes, the COVID-19 surge is worse than ever in India
  • Yes, there is a chance India will be hit by third, fourth and more waves of the virus

The No’s

  • No, the virus is not going to be eradicated any time soon because of its nature to mutate
  • No, we may never go back to how things were pre-COVID
  • No, there is no guarantee the Equity markets will do well in the short or long term

Over the last year or so, life in urban India has been rocked by 2 waves of the coronavirus pandemic, both lasting months and leaving the economy reeling as well as badly shaking up the mental wellbeing of many.

Most of the earning population of the country has been impacted either directly or indirectly due to the instability of professional as well as personal life in these challenging times. Stability and balance are necessary to have a chance at a bright future post the COVID era.

In such a situation, a financial portfolio titled to favour Equity investments has the potential to be your worst enemy going ahead. What you NEED to bring balance to your portfolio is Guaranteed Return Plans. Let’s know more.

Major Issues with Investing in Equities

  • The unpredictable and fluctuating nature of the market
  • No guaranteed returns and lack of financial security
  • Planning for future goals is not easy
  • No fixed monthly pay-outs or options to replace your income
  • Your life is not being covered while you are invested
  • No tax triple tax exemption

Major Benefits of Guaranteed Return Plans

Some practical, real-life reasons and facts that prove that plans which provide guaranteed returns are the ideal in the current situation:

  • Irrespective of any major change in local, state, central government; global pandemics; or any other event, you are rest assured to get guaranteed returns
  • Once the insurer signs the policy documents, the returns are guaranteed, because these investments are further invested in government bonds and securities
  • Retail-inflation-beating returns
  • Not market-linked but guaranteed
  • Good plans give guaranteed, tax-free returns between 5% and 6% per annum
  • If you calculate for tax-free returns, the number effectively goes up to 9% (presuming 30% tax bracket)
  • Get the Triple Tax Exemption Benefit
    • Premium-Payment Phase Exemption – Premiums paid are tax deductible [Rs 1.5 lakhs per annum as per Section 80(C)]
    • Accumulation Phase Exemption – No taxation during the accumulation phase
    • Withdrawal Phase Exemption – Pay-outs are tax-free under Section 10(10D)

The Variety in Guaranteed Return Plans

Here are the different guaranteed return plan options:

  • Endowment plans
  • Money-back plans
  • Retirement or Pension plans
  • Child Insurance plans

Always remember to choose a guaranteed return plan considering your age, income, needs, dependencies, and future goals.

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