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For Insurance Service Assistance, Opt for OneInsure

OneInsure’s aim right at the outset was and will always be to become customers’ one-stop-shop for all their insurance needs. This extends not only to our customers but insurance customers in general too, regardless of where they have purchased insurance from.

Through the years, by providing top-notch, end-to-end insurance services to customers in many major cities in India through its numerous branches since 2008, OneInsure has earned a name in the Insurance industry as a customer-first brand.

OneInsure provides 60+ insurance services. Each of these services is given for FREE.

OneInsure’s major services provided

We offer a great range of insurance-related services. Here’s a list of the major ones:

  • Store Policies – You can store all your policies on the OneInsure app or website so that they are always available digitally. All the information is always handy and can be used in case of emergencies like hospitalization or vehicular accidents.
  • Premium Reminders – No more hassle of remembering your premium due dates. Once you add your policy by registering on the OneInsure app (available on Play Store and App Store) or on the website, you will receive regular reminders several days before your policy is due for renewal and subsequently a few more times before the due date.
  • Pay Premiums – Paying premiums for your insurance plans is a matter of a mere 10 minutes on the OneInsure app. Note that you can pay premiums for policies not bought through OneInsure too. You can even pay premiums for policies that aren’t yours!
  • Tax Certificate – The Tax Certificate serves as investment proof to receive tax benefits. At OneInsure, you can receive your Returns-ready compiled tax certificate in a matter of hours.
  • Buy Policy – Purchasing a policy has never been as easy as it is with OneInsure. You get a list of various products as per your needs. You can compare these products based on the features and benefits offered and choose a product for yourself.
  • Update Policy Details – You can easily update your policy details by raising a service request. For example, the addition of a newborn baby, the deletion of a family member from your health policy, change in the nominee, and so much more.
  • Policy Information – Many times, even after buying a policy, you may be left with queries on policy renewal, maturity proceeds, riders, increase in cover, the No Claim Bonus feature, and so on. With OneInsure, these queries will be answered accurately and quickly. Simply reach out to us.

Availing these services

On request, these services can be availed through any one of the following mediums:

  • The OneInsure app
  • 86559-86559


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