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Retirement Insurance

As the reader already knows, retirement planning is one of the most important financial decisions one can take in one’s earning life.

Having said that, however, it is easy to lose track of what truly comprises a solid retirement plan and get distracted with too much planning and too little execution. In this brief piece, let’s see how just about anybody can easily plan for and choose the right retirement plan:

Distribute Savings

To have a stronger investment portfolio, you need to distribute your savings in different groups of investments like stocks, fixed deposits and gold. A balanced and appropriately distributed portfolio will not only yield higher growth but also spread the financial risk. This will save you from losing out all if one investment type performs badly. You must ensure that your asset mix is aligned to your investment time frame and financial needs.

Choose Vesting Age

Vesting age is basically the age from which you start getting returns on your investment/pension plan. So, if you wish to start getting an income on your retirement plan, say from the age 50, choose a plan where the vesting age is 50 years. Similarly, if you plan to retire late, then you may choose a plan with a higher vesting age.

Affordable Premiums

When choosing a retirement plan, another thing that you need to take care of is that the premiums are affordable. You shouldn’t opt for a plan whose premiums disturb your day-to-day expenses, thereby eventually making it tough for you to stick to your budget. Check the monthly (or yearly or whatever the case is) premium amount and on that basis, take a decision as to whether or not you can afford a particular premium amount.


Choosing a retirement plan can be tough and sticking to it, tougher. But if you wish to achieve a desired goal then you need to stick to the plan that you’ve bought. Do not break into it before it matures. Watch it grow to eventually pay you out the money that you will need to fulfil your retirement dreams.

To conclude, it is best to start your retirement planning as early as possible to ensure you achieve your desired goals. While identifying the right retirement plan to secure your financial future can be difficult, with the help of the above mentioned tips and a financial expert by your side, it is possible to make this easy. Our experts at OneInsure not only help their clients in taking decisions like these but also ensure that they have a hassle-free post purchase experience.


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