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Insure Your Home Against Natural Calamities

Finding one’s dream home is not exactly an easy thing. Some spend years searching and won’t settle until they are able to get their hands on one that matches all their requirements. After this is done, people usually go on a shopping spree looking for home décor that match their personality (modern, contemporary, minimalist, bohemian…the choices are endless). Take a moment to just think about how much time, money and effort one spends here? Well, considerable!

If this much is invested in finding a home, wouldn’t it be unfortunate if something unpleasant happens? The frequency of natural calamities is most definitely a cause of concern. In the last two years, we witnessed events like forest fires in Uttarakhand, earthquake in Tripura and flooding in Mumbai, Bihar and West Bengal, among other major events.  All of these events bring to light the need to secure your home and its contents, and this can be done with the help of home insurance. 

What is home insurance?

Home insurance policy is an insurance coverage that you buy to financially secure your home and the contents inside. It covers damages to the structure of your home like the walls, roof and windows and permanent fixtures, like ceiling fans and in-built bookshelves, TV, AC, from insured events mentioned in the policy documents. Besides this, some home insurance policies can protect you from third-party liabilities. This means you'll be covered should any lawsuits be filed against you for property damage or injuries that you might cause others.

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Home insurance to cover natural calamities

Usually people look to secure their homes through a basic fire insurance policy, which will cover damages caused by fire and other allied perils, such as lightening, floods, cyclones and storms. Cover for earthquake is generally opted as an add-on because the premiums for insuring against damages caused by this calamity will depend on the geographical zone of where the house is established in. There is also the option of going for householder’s package policy, which is a comprehensive cover that gives more options than a basic fire insurance cover. In addition to covering damages caused by natural disasters, it secures the home and the possessions inside against mechanical or electrical breakdowns and burglary.

Prior to buying a home insurance policy, it is essential to understand the terms and conditions associated with it, so that you are clear about what's included and what's not. For example, water seepage through roof or walls may not be covered; however, damage caused by flooding due to excessive rainfallis generally covered under a home insurance policy. Hence, make sure to ask for the list of exclusions and inclusions (it will vary from insurer to insurer) before availing a cover and after careful analysis decide which one to go ahead with.

Bottom line

Insuring your home against various kinds of natural disasters is always a good idea. You want to be as protected as you can when a calamity strikes. So with an insurance cover, you can be rest assured that in case a catastrophe arises, you will have your insurance company to bank on to cover your financial losses and help you get back on your feet.

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