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Personal Accident

IPL Legends Know the Cost of Injuries. Do You?

The Indian Premier League has been an emotional journey for players and fans alike, but the best is yet to come. The IPL finals!

Yes, it’s exciting, but take a moment to think how heart-breaking it would be to see one of your favourite players missing the action. Imagine Suryakumar not being able to play, or even de Kock. And what if Rohit Sharma himself cannot play?!

Imagine the shock… However, the smart cricket fan would be wondering what then would happen to their earnings? Would Rohit still be paid if he does not show up for work (at the crease)?

Luckily for him, yes he would. A personal accident insurance cover comes in handy here. This insurance has been in the news these days because of IPL, but let’s see what an important role it can play in your life as well.

How Does Personal Accident Cover Work

Let’s understand a personal accident cover through a cricketer’s perspective. An IPL cricketer is paid a huge amount for every match he shows up for. If an injury deems him unfit for a match, his earnings from the team he plays for are replaced by the money paid by the insurance company that has insured his personal safety.

Since a cricketer is a sportsperson, he is prone to more risks when compared to an executive at a retail conglomerate. However, this policy protects the executive just as fully as it protects the cricketer. Let’s see an example:

  • 37-year-old Samarth Rana is involved in an accident while out jogging. His left leg’s shinbone is broken.
  • He is hospitalized for a week and the doctors advice rest for another 20 days after being discharged from hospital.
  • Mr. Rana loses a month’s salary. However, because he has a personal accident policy, his salary is compensated for and his hospitalization expenses are paid for by the insurer.

When you opt for this plan, in case of an injury, the sum paid by the insurer will compensate for all your losses while you recuperate.

Moreover, this policy also pays in case of your untimely demise as a result of an accident.

Sounds Good, But What about the Cost?

A personal accident cover of Rs 15 lakhs is as pocket-friendly as Rs 3,000 a year. Imagine the affordability! At the cost of a couple of family meals at a good restaurant, you have insured yourself against accidents as well as protected your family in case of your unfortunate demise in an accident for a whole year.

Cover of Rs 15 lakhs for Rs 8 a day

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