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Love Your Family? Get a Personal Accident Insurance Cover Today

During peak traffic hours one day, while Mr. Sawant was returning home from work on his bike, he met with a major accident. A large concrete truck that had broken the signal at high speed crashed into his bike, which was flung 15 feet. As Mr. Sawant was lying on the road bleeding, he reflected about his wife and two young children. His final thought before passing out was, “Thank God, I have Personal Accident insurance…”

Mr. Sawant never woke up. While his family was shattered emotionally, they did not have to worry about the financial impact that Mr. Sawant’s death would otherwise have had on them.

Post the mourning period, Mrs. Sawant approached OneInsure to seek assistance with filing a claim under Mr. Sawant’s Personal Accident insurance policy. OneInsure quickly helped her settle the claim with the insurance company and Mr. Sawant’s family received a sum of INR 25 lakhs.

According to a report, in 2016, India witnessed around 4.8 lakh road accidents, which claimed more than 1.50 lakh lives. What’s even scarier is that 3/4th of these victims were the breadwinners of their families.

Accidents are beyond our control and can be completely devastating for the victim and their family.

A Personal Accident insurance policy in this regard comes as a rescue to secure your family’s financial future in the event of accidental death or disability. The policy provides financial compensation in case of injuries, disability, or death caused by accidental or violent events. Besides, premiums under a Personal Accident insurance policy are easy on the pocket. For instance, a policy offering INR 12 – 15 lakhs as the cover will cost about INR 3,000 – 4,000 annually (INR 250/month).

Note: While Personal Accident insurance can also be bought as a rider alongside your life or health insurance policy, it is better to opt for a standalone policy as it will provide a larger cover amount.

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Parting advice – Don’t let one accident change the financial fate of your family. Get Personal Accident insurance now!

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(with inputs from The Hindu)



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