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Sleek, functional and efficient – The OneInsure App

While the Second Wave of the pandemic seems to be settling down gradually and it will soon be okay to visit physical branches, there are many reasons why installing the OneInsure app from Play Store or App Store will be beneficial. This functional app can be your one-stop shop to manage all your insurance policies, regardless of where they are bought from.

The app allows you to get the whole suite of OneInsure’s services at your fingertips.

If you have ever been troubled by any of the following challenges, the OneInsure app is tailor-made for you:

  • My insurance agent is not always reachable.
  • I have multiple insurance agents. It's inconvenient to connect with them separately.
  • Why can't I handle my insurance policies myself?
  • I have insurance policies of multiple insurance companies. Inconvenient to manage them all!
  • I can never remember my premium due dates.
  • My nominee is not informed about my insurance holdings.
  • Who will assist me or my nominee during the claim procedure in an emergency?

The OneInsure app is an ecosystem that helps with all of the aforementioned issues. Let's have a quick look to see how it does that.

  • You can store all your policies on the OneInsure app so that they are always available digitally. All the information is always handy and can be used in case of emergencies.
  • No more hassle of remembering your premium due dates. Once you have stored a policy on the app with all the required information, you will be reminded by the app whenever your policy is due for renewal.
  • You can avail an array of insurance services for all the policies you hold. Examples include generating a tax certificate, adding of a family member to your health policy, endorsement of personal information like mobile number and address with the insurer, and so much more.
  • During a claim scenario, an insurance policy is as useless as a piece of paper if nobody knows how about the policy or how to use it. With the OneInsure app, we inform your nominee about all the critical information that they will need if you are unable to raise a claim due to hospitalization.
  • OneInsure is an experienced organization with highly experienced staff in terms of service and claims.
  • On the OneInsure app, you can check the accumulated bonuses, surrender value, loan availability, and other vital figures for your LIC policy with a few taps of your screen. You don’t have to run to an LIC branch or call an LIC executive to check your bonuses every time. It is available right in the app. Just add your LIC policy.

If you still haven't installed the OneInsure app, this is the right time to do so!

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