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Wait... you thought superheroes don’t need insurance?

“Yes, superheroes are immortals. Why would they need insurance?”

Well, it’s time you contemplate again. Superheroes die too. Remember Captain Marvel’s death? Remember how his life was being overtaken by CANCER while he lay powerless in his bed? Death and unfortunate events do not spare even the strongest of the men. To name a few, Abin Sur, Hawkwoman and The Atom are the superheroes who died, never to return. Superheroes too live in constant threats and with that thought on mind, we bring to you the list of superheroes that we think are in urgent need of insurance.

1. Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman

 My life in a nutshell – It all began with a desire to avenge my parents’ death. After undergoing an intensive study of several sciences, I became the Batman – people’s saviour.

Do I need insurance? – Since I have a huge empire and hell lot of wealth, I do not necessarily require insurance.

2. Krishna Mehra a.k.a Krish

My life in a nutshell – Born as Krishna – the son of Rohit Mehra whose superpowers I inherited. At night, I moonlight to fight the enemies as Krish while during the day I keep losing my jobs for lack of attendance. I am a security guard by profession but I keep getting fired from my work.

Do I need insurance? - My wife is a talented journalist, and her life is equally in danger as mine. Remember my enemy Kaal nearly killed her once? Should something happen to me or my wife, I need life insurance for my son’s financial safety.

3. Clark Kent a.k.a Superman

My life in a nutshell – I was transported to the planet Earth, before my home planet Krypton exploded. My foster parents on earth instilled in me the values of truth and justice that help me prevent disasters and serve mankind.

Do I need insurance? – Yes, I am in desperate need of Health Insurance but only if they covered Kryptonite poisoning. Hehe.

4. Arun Verma a.k.a Mr. India

My life in a nutshell – An orphan myself, I have a dozen orphan children living under my roof whom I have taken as my children. Drenched in debt, I’m trying hard to feed myself and those under my protection.

The Eureka Moment – I stumbled upon a mysterious letter that revealed of a scientific device designed by my father that makes its wearer invisible. Using the device, I defeated the giants of crime like Mogambo and saved my country.

Do I need insurance? – My children depend on me for food and education. If I’m gone, they would all be deprived of basic necessities of life and I would not want that. So I definitely need a basic life insurance plan.

5. Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman 

My life in a nutshell – I have been chasing enemies since years under the guise of Spiderman. My real name is Peter Parker. I am an orphan staying with my aunt May. I am a freelance photographer, but I have hardly received adequate remuneration for my work and am always underappreciated.

Do I need insurance? - Definitely Yes! I have no dependents except my aunt, but she’s all that I have and she needs financial protection if I’m gone.

Now you know that superheroes too need insurance and so do you. Go, get yourself insured and be your family's superhero. Compare and get the best quotes here.

Do you think we skipped your favourite superhero who needs insurance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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