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Tax planning done for the Fiscal but still have lump sum you want to invest?

Tax planning is not the only goal of investments. This fact is often forgotten due to the pressure of making tax investments and all the other stresses surrounding taxation.

So, you’ve already made your Rs 1,50,000 investments under 80(C) for the year and you still have a large sum of money you want to invest further. In such a scenario, you should not refrain from investing this lump sum just because you will no longer get tax benefits that year.

Money in the bank account has a way of getting spent!

In the scenario mentioned earlier, if you wait for the next fiscal to invest the lump sum money, there is a good chance that not all of it will be there until the next fiscal, and you will end up investing lesser than the amount you originally wanted to invest. Money in the bank account will invariably be spent on luxuries, necessities or something in between!

So why not invest my lump sum in the share market?

Decades of experience has shown that the best way to invest in the share market is via monthly instalments, known as a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Lump sum money does not conform well with SIPs, and investing lump sums in the share market is a bad practise due to exposure to risks.

Here, Single Premium Insurance Plans are a better option

Single premium plans are very popular in India as a last-minute tax-saving option. However, they are very handy when it comes to building a corpus as well.

Single premium insurance plans are primarily opted for by those who are looking to invest rather than avail the benefits of an insurance plan. Here are the advantages of opting for single premium plans:

  • No hassle of remembering premium payments
  • Start receiving pension-like monthly payments
  • No hassle of transferring ECS mandates when closing bank accounts
  • Helps with lump sum cash for important milestones in life; for example, child’s graduation expenses or family vacation

There are several types of single premium plans, such as Immediate Annuity Plans, Deferred Annuity Plans, Traditional Endowment Plans, each with their own advantages. You may call 86559-86559 to discuss any of these plans with designated insurance experts. Optionally, you may reach us at

Lastly, single premium insurance plans should not be missed by those who fall in the following categories:

  • Those who have received a sudden but significant sum of money. This sum of money can be anything from your Diwali bonus to the large chunk of money you get when you sell one of your homes.
  • People in professions where steady income cannot be guaranteed for the long term. For example:
    • Businesspersons engaged in certain types of seasonal businesses
    • Sportspersons
    • Celebrities in the Entertainment industry

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