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You’ve booked your flight tickets. Now what?

You may be travelling for work or simply off on an adventure trip or visiting your parents abroad - wouldn’t you want to ensure that you enjoy a smooth, safe trip? The truth is accidents can occur anytime, even when you are on an official trip. A tiny mishap is all it takes to dampen one’s mood, and if you are unprepared, you may end up shelling out quite a bit. So what can you do to financially safeguard your trip? - Well, you shop around for travel insurance products and select one that meets all your coverage needs and at the same time is affordable.

Travel insurance is definitely a must if you are planning a trip somewhere. Here’s a look at what travel insurance typically covers:

  • Overseas Medical Treatment & Hospitalisation

Medical expenses in western countries are exorbitant and you may end up spending a fortune if you fall ill while travelling to any of the places there. When you have a travel insurance cover, you will be reimbursed for the medical costs you bear while on your trip. Your travel insurer will cover you for emergency medical as well as dental care when you’re abroad. Additionally, you can benefit from cashless hospitalisation, which makes it simpler for you to get medical aid in foreign countries without having to go through tedious paper formalities.

  • Missed Flight

Lots of travellers miss their flights for several different reasons. And no, not all of them can make a claim with their travel insurer. If you missed your flight because you woke up late or because of traffic, your insurer is not going to compensate you for the loss. Rather, your travel insurer may cover you i) for missing your connecting flight on account of a motor vehicle accident you’re involved in, ii) for missing your flight due to some civil unrest or natural disaster and iii) if your doctor informs the insurance provider that you're unfit to continue with your trip. So make sure to go through your policy wordings to check what is and what is not covered by your insurer.

  • Lost Baggage

Picture this - you land at your destination on time but your luggage does not turn up, and the airline has no idea where your luggage is! This incident alone is enough to dampen one’s holiday spirit. When you have a travel insurance cover, you will be compensated in case of loss of an entire piece of checked baggage. (Note - benefits will not be paid in case of partial loss of contents). In the event your luggage does not turn up at all at the airport, you can submit a compensation claim with your travel insurer. By letting your insurer know at the earliest, they will be able to process your claim faster.

  • Emergency Cash

There’s always the risk of theft when you’re travelling. Tourists are a common target for criminals because they are likely to carry large amounts of cash with them. When you have a travel insurance plan, your insurer can help arrange for emergency cash in the event that you are robbed or mugged and help you in getting replacement IDs should you passport be stolen as well.

  • Accidental Death

Coverage for accidental death is one of the many benefits of travel insurance. If you are off on an adventure trip, it is most essential that you ensure your policy includes this. Coverage for accidental death works quite similar to that of a life insurance cover - you name a beneficiary when you buy a policy, and that individual stands to receive the benefits in the event of your demise while traveling. The benefits paid out by your travel insurer would be in addition to the benefits paid by your life insurance cover (if you have one in place).

When you have a travel insurance plan, you can travel in peace anywhere across the world. To find the most suitable travel cover, click here or give us a ring at 86559 86559.



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