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Win Her Heart Again This Valentine’s Day

Feb 14 is close, and even though you are mature and beyond boxes of chocolates and that red rose, the vibe of the day is such that you feel like doing something for your better half. You might see yourself as a romantic or you might see yourself as a pragmatist, but the fact remains that a nice, thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day would be much appreciated by your better half.

A recent study published by the Times Group found that married women living in urban India give a lot of priority to financial stability in a marriage. A whopping 58% of respondents said that financial stability is one of the major reasons why they got married. In another Indian study, 62% of urban married women responded that, to them, marriage means a settled life and stability.

The findings of these studies are clear. As a mature householder, it is your responsibility to ensure your family does not live a life of poverty and instability in case you meet with an untimely demise. It is a well-known fact that families that lose their primary breadwinner have to take help from relatives and NGOs and are often reduced to begging for money just to ensure their children get a proper education. Do you want to risk putting your family through this financial nightmare?

  • Term plans are pocket-friendly life insurance policies that give huge financial pay-outs in case of an untimely demise. These new-age plans can be bought for flexible terms and one can even choose what type of pay-outs your nominee will receive – lump sum, monthly pay-outs, or a combination of both.
  • Health plans are the bedrock of the urban Indian’s financial planning. Health plans cover large hospitalization costs in case of planned treatments, accidents, and even emergencies (road accidents, for example) in return for relatively affordable premiums. If you visit a network hospital, the treatment can even be cashless. This protects you and your family from the financial burden of expensive treatments. Read up further on health plans here.

This Valentine's Day, no gift is larger than the financial safety net you can provide for your family with truly affordable premiums. What's more, these premiums save you tax too!

To ensure your loved ones don’t have to give up on their dreams and aspirations no matter what, secure them with insurance today. To speak with an expert, dial 86559-86559 or write to us at

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