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Earthquake PreParedness Guide

Earthquake Awareness and Preparedness Guide

The devastating earthquake that struck Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India, on October 26, has killed scores of people and left few people homeless. The act of God once again proves how unpredictable nature can be and how uncertain life is.

Let us expect certain things we need to do before, during & after an Earthquake:-

Before an Earthquake: 

  1. Make sure you have a portable fire extinguisher
  2. Try to learn about First Aids
  3. Avoid leaving heavy objects on shelves or cupboards
  4. Keep exit plans in place and discuss with your family & friends
  5. Anchor heavy objects, furniture, appliances, so forth on the walls or floors. 

During an Earthquake: 

  1. Don’t use elevators or escalators
  2. If you are Indoors, stay calm and stay wherever you are.
  3. If you are outdoors, don’t panic, stay in open grounds and away from power lines, buildings or anything that might fall.
  4. If you are driving, then stop the car and stay inside until the earthquake stops
  5. Avoid using match sticks, candles or any flame. 

After an Earthquake: 

  1. Check for any injuries to yourself and others
  2. Check water, gas and electricity lines for any damage. For any probable damages, shut off the valves and check for any smell and report to the authorities. Keep all the doors and windows open.
  3. Keep the radio on and avoid using any mobile phones or tablets unless it is an emergency
  4. Remain out of any damaged buildings, damaged areas, and broken glasses.
  5. Stick the emergency plan or instructions from the person in charge. 

During such a calamity, a presence of mind plays an important role and safety precautions can minimize damages, injuries, and other potential concerns. Disaster management training should be implemented in schools and organizations to create awareness and preparedness amongst a larger number of people. Moreover, having an Insurance cover can mitigate the loss and help you overcome the situation faster.  

Over the years in India, natural disasters have caused massive loss of life and property and the citizens have always relied on the government’s aid and assistance for rehabilitation, which has always proved insufficient. This is where insurance can be helpful. 

Natural calamity insurance is not an individual product but is mostly included under the property, home or motor insurance. Considering the huge population and high cost of properties, one should definitely consider getting an insurance that would protect you in such a situation. 

Be Safe, Be Prepared, OneInsure.

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