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Travel Insurance - Choose the Right Cover

If you are traveling overseas, you got to have travel insurance, though it is not mandatory in some countries. Purchasing just any policy will not serve the purpose but you would need the right policy with the right cover. Let us explain with an incident that took place with one of our customers.

Saurabh’s mom, a 50-year-old hypertensive patient, was in the US for a relative’s wedding. Four days prior to her return, she suffered a major heart attack and had to be operated. A stent was inserted and she was hospitalized for a few weeks. The total cost of the treatment went over $1,00,000, plus her return flight had to be rescheduled.

Though she had a Travel Insurance, booked through their travel agent, it offered a cover of only $50,000. As a result, the additional $50,000, and the flight rescheduling fees had to be borne by Saurabh. A couple of weeks later, while researching online, Saurabh found that his mom’s travel insurance of $50,000 was purchased for Rs 1,170, while a cover of $300,000 would have cost just Rs. 1,772. So a difference of just Rs 600 had cost them over $50,000.

After consulting with his insurance broker, Saurabh realized how crucial it is to buy any insurance product from an expert who can suggest a plan that best suits their needs. An expert broker would have taken into account his mother’s medical history, the country where she was traveling, etc. and would have definitely suggested a higher cover. So this was surely an important lesson, learnt the hard way.

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