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Are you someone like me – loves travelling but always runs out of money? If your answer is no, then you can unapologetically skip this article. If your answer is yes, though, then you have stopped by the right place. Because, hey, I have recently discovered some amazing money-saving hacks that I would like to share with you to help you save big on your next trip. Read these tips and you’ll realize that your trip to Europe is no longer going to remain just a dream.

Tip 1 – Create a Travel Fund

Very important! Just how you would create an emergency fund, you need to create a travel fund as the first step towards executing your big travel plans. Put aside a small sum of money in an investment plan that has high liquidity and quick returns, and watch it grow. Keep adding a little to this fund every month so your returns increase over time. When it has grown enough, you can start withdrawing from it when you want to pursue your trip. Make this a regular habit and you’ll be able to realize all your travel dreams easily.

Tip 2 –Travel in Shoulder Seasons

“What’s a shoulder season,” you ask? Well, a shoulder season is the time when a destination’s tourism is somewhere between its low and high seasons. For example, a month or two before the vacations start, that is, April – May. This is an ideal time because the resorts will offer enticing discounts, airfares will be lower, and the weather will be pretty much perfect. Vacationers will start flocking only by May end or June. So, the crowd will also be smaller.

Tip 3 – Install a Spending Tracker

When technology is offering us so much, why not take advantage of it? Install a good spending tracker on your device and keep a tab of all your expenses. This way, you’ll have control over your unnecessary expenditure.

Tip 4 – Save on Food

On your way to the destination – Always swear by make-ahead snacks for the road trip and airport lounges if you’re travelling on a budget. Carrying home-made snacks will cut down costs on unnecessary and expensive food items, especially at the airport.

While at the destination – Avoid eating around tourist spots. Choose a restaurant that is at least a few kilometres away from a popular tourist attraction. Preferably, eat where the locals eat. This will not only help you cut down on expenses but will also help you explore local cuisines.

Tip 5 – Share Your Rides

Transportation costs could add up a lot to your overall travel expenses. By sharing your rides, you can save significant amounts. But be careful who you’re sharing your rides with. You can also opt for public transport as long as it is not ruining your travel experience.

Tip 6 – Stay in Hostels

If you’re a frequent traveller, then stay in hostels instead of hotels. Hostels are much cheaper and fun. The fun thing about staying in hostels is you get to interact with other travellers and exchange your travel experiences. You can also share your rides with them if you have the same tourist spots to cover.

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Tip 7 – Have a Financial Backup

Food poisoning, accidents, robbery, and loss of passport are common occurrences while travelling. Secure your trip with a travel insurance policy before you embark on your journey. It will take care of any sort of financial emergencies encountered during your travel. It will also help you get reimbursement for pre-paid expenses in case of a missed or delayed flight.

Parting advice – Travelling is fun but you need to be careful, especially money-wise. Before leaving for your destination, you must carry out thorough research of the place you’re travelling to. You may also join travel groups on social media that can put you in touch with those who are travelling to the same destination. This will prepare you for your trip in advance.

To remind you again, don’t forget to get insured before you begin your journey.



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