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Is Travel Insurance Necessary for Domestic Trips?

When you travel abroad, travel insurance becomes more or less necessary as many places make it mandatory for visitors. Now, what about when you travel within the boundaries of your country? Is travel insurance necessary then? In this article, we will look into those scenarios where travel insurance can be of aid when on your domestic trips.

What is covered under a travel insurance policy?

Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies can happen anytime, anyplace – whether you are in the country or in some foreign nation. The medical or accident cover component of your travel insurance plan can be extremely beneficial, especially when you do not have a health plan. The policy will cover the costs related to medical emergencies occurring during the trip.

Flight Cancellation

Rough weather, technical glitches….there are "n" number of reasons why an airline might have to cancel its flights. When such situations arise, it can be quite troublesome even if you are traveling domestically. A travel insurance policy will cover you for the losses you face due to flight cancellation or delays.

Loss of Baggage

Not seeing your luggage turn up on the baggage carousel is never a pleasant sight, and that is why insuring every aspect of your trip is very important. A travel insurance cover will compensate you (up to the policy limits) for the value of the lost baggage and the contents inside.

Trip Delays

If your flight is delayed, it can result in a lot of hassles. The advantage of having a travel insurance cover in such a scenario is that the insurance company will provide some financial relief should your flight get delayed beyond a certain number of hours.


It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling within the country or outside, having a travel insurance policy is a must in this day and age. The whole purpose of having a travel cover is to protect your trip from unexpected surprises, so even if you’re only heading to a different city, make sure to have a travel cover so that you are adequately protected. To compare and buy the most suitable travel insurance plan, give us a ring at 86559 86559 and we will guide you through the process.



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