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Top 3 Travel Insurance Myths You’ve Got To Stop Believing

Before embarking on a trip, some people ensure they have a travel insurance policy in place so that if anything unexpected happens, they will be financially secure. Without a doubt, this is a wise move. Now, unfortunately, there are quite a few people who consider travel insurance as an unnecessary additional expense and hence avoid getting the same. The main reason behind this is the numerous myths surrounding travel insurance that many believe to be true and the failure to understand how useful such a policy can be. In this article, we have listed some of the common travel insurance myths flying around and the actual truth behind them.

Myth 1 – “If I’m really careful, nothing could go wrong.”

Regardless of all the safety measures taken, one can never be too careful. Unexpected events can arise anytime, anywhere and they are definitely not unheard of. At any point, you could get into an accident or fall sick or get robbed, etc. Having a travel insurance policy can serve as a safety net to all the what-ifs situations that could arise during the trip.  

Myth 2 “I already have health insurance, so there isn’t a need for travel insurance.”

Many a times, people forgot getting a travel plan simply because they believe their health policy will cover them should they fall sick abroad. While this isn't wrong as some health policies have network hospitals in foreign countries, but what if your trip gets delayed and your health policy expires? A travel insurance policy can be useful here. Additionally, it must be noted that with health policies, the coverage may be limited to certain regions and countries.

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Myth 3 – “A major calamity has to occur for the insurance company to make a payout.”

This is one of the biggest myths going around about travel insurance. It should be understood that the purpose of a travel insurance policy is to help ease an individual’s mental agony if in case an unfortunate events occurs when s/he is abroad. A comprehensive travel insurance plan will not just cover you against catastrophic events; it will reimburse you for the losses borne due to trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical emergencies, etc.

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