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Why should you start investing today?

The only thing that comes between your desire to save and executing your savings plan is this –

“Let me think and get back”

“If I can do it today, I can do it tomorrow as well”

Planning at an early stage is important. Delaying would only result into a financial loss. Let us understand this with an illustration.

Scenario 1 

Suresh was 35-year old when he started investing in a 25-year retirement plan. He regularly paid small monthly investments of ₹3,000 which totaled to ₹9,00,000. Recently, when he turned 60, he received a corpus of ₹28,00,000 from his insurance company.

Scenario 2 

Ramesh was 45-year old when he started investing in a 15-year retirement plan. Ramesh too regularly paid his monthly premiums of ₹8,000 which totaled to ₹14,40,000 until his premium paying term (PPT) was over. When his insurance plan matured at the age of 60, he was paid ₹27,00,000.

Noticed the obvious difference? While Ramesh paid a higher premium amount, it is Suresh who received a larger corpus on retirement. Reason being, he started investing for his retirement early on.

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The major financial advantage of investing early on is that the earlier you start saving, the higher the returns you get.

Besides, once you start investing at an early age –

  • You’ll start taking measures to curb unnecessary expenses which will improve your spending habits.
  • You’ll get an early on exposure to the investment market which will help you take long-term financial decisions effectively.
  • At a comparatively younger age, you have lesser financial obligations, so you can afford taking risks.
  • At an early stage, you will understand how to use insurance products (esp. health and critical illness insurance) to avoid financial crunch during emergencies.

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The other things that you need to keep in mind before you start investing in any plan are - 

  • Distribute Your Savings - Do not allocate all your savings in a single investment type. Explore other investment options - stock, gold, fixed deposit. When you distribute your savings, your risk gets distributed too. 
  • Do invest in stocks - The most lucrative investment option is stocks, so do allocate some portion of your savings to stocks. Of course it is a more risky investment option as well but consult experts at OneInsure and they will help you take a reasonable decision.
  • Choose affordable premiums - When you select a plan, make sure the plan does not come with premiums that might be too heavy on your pocket. Choose a premium that you think you can pay regularly, without affecting your routine expenses. 
  • Stick to your investment plans - Do not break into your savings unless it is an emergency. Sticking to your plan for a long term will yield desirable returns. 

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All in all, the right time to start investing is NOW. take your pen and paper and sit with your laptop and start looking for the best investment/retirement plans in India. Or you can directly get in touch with us and we will help you select the best plan. Contact details will be given below.

Do not forget that you're only incuring loss if you do not start investing earlier. Also keep all the bove points in the mind before you make any purchase. 

Start saving now! Contact us and we will arrange a meeting for you with our financial experts who will help you take a wise investment decision without charging anything for their service. Dial 86559 86559 or email us at You can also visit OneInsure's website and request a call back in the comment section of the product you wish to avail. Happy Investing! 



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