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Saurabh’s mother during her stay in the USA suffered a major heart attack and was hospitalized for a few weeks there. The total cost of the treatment amounted to USD 45,000 against the policy of USD 50,000 that Saurabh had bought at ₹ 2,700. Saurabh was extremely happy to get his money reimbursed from his insurer. He immediately called OneInsure to thank our team for the timely guidelines. What was it, you must be guessing? So, what happened was, when Saurabh visited our office to buy the travel plan for his mother, he was almost on the verge of selecting a plan worth ₹ 1,700 (because it was comparatively cheaper) for a cover of USD 42,000. However, our expert insisted he rather buy the other plan that provides a USD 50,000 because there’s a difference of only a thousand bucks. And, if the need arises to make a claim, the other plan will help him save more money. Saurabh, although reluctantly, agreed to subscribe for the plan suggested by our expert, which eventually saved him USD 3,000.

Quite often, the policyholders who purchase the policy for the sake of it (because they think they wouldn’t require it) end up taking wrong insurance decisions. Such hastily taken decisions can later put a dent in one’s pocket. One must avoid similar mistakes and to ensure that, here’s OneInsure with a list of Dos and Don’ts for Travel Insurance. Make sure you consider each of the below points to make a right insurance decision.


  • Do not randomly buy a plan; consult an expert, an insurance agent/broker before subscribing to any plan. If you have very little time to spend on research and consultation, call our experts at 86559 86559 or drop a mail at and they will provide you a quick guidance.
  • Buy the right policy with the right cover. For this, consider the country you’re travelling to. The risk and cost vary in different countries. For example, if you’re travelling to the US, purchase a plan that provides a higher cover because the medical expenses in the US (and few other countries in the West) are considerably high.
  • Before leaving for abroad, make sure you have the toll-free number of your insurer and insurance agent to seek an immediate aid in case of any contingency during the trip. Also make sure this number is kept handy.
  • Read the policy documents carefully. Whatever doubts you may have, clear them all with your insurance agent before leaving India. 


  • Do not think that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. Unfortunate events like missed flights, passport or baggage loss, theft, or any other medical emergency can cost you a lot, especially if you’re travelling outside India. So do not take a chance, get yourself insured before embarking on your journey.
  • For a significantly lesser difference between two premium amounts, do not opt for a plan with lesser premium (Keep Saurabh’s example in mind) if there’s a considerable difference between the sum insured amounts of both the plans. 


The idea of travelling to a foreign land is as scary as it is exciting. But if you have a travel insurance plan, the horrors of a trip going bad (financially) can be handled with ease. If you’re looking to travel in the near future, get the best travel insurance deal from here.

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