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Think You Don’t Need Domestic Travel Insurance? Think Again

While travelling abroad, people generally ensure they have travel insurance policies. Many foreign countries even have this as a pre-condition for visa issuanceBut what about when you’re travelling within the country? Why do many think it’s okay not to have a travel cover then? Being financially covered in your home-country is just as important as being insured when you’re abroad.

Here are some scenarios where domestic travel insurance provides financial protection during your journey:

  1. Flight cancellation/delays - Flight cancellations and delays are not unheard of incidents. Airlines may have several valid reasons for delaying or sometimes even cancelling your flight. A domestic travel insurance plan will provide financial compensation in the event of flight delays or cancellations. But see to it that you get a written proof from the airline about the event that has occurred.
  1. Accommodation charges - Flight delays can occur due to bad weather conditions or equipment failure. If you’ve already booked hotel rooms, wouldn’t you suffer a loss if you reach the destination several hours later? Now if your airline is not going to reimburse you for your accommodation expense, your insurer will look into it and according to the terms of the policy extend compensation.
  1. Medical emergency - Medical emergencies can happen anytime, even when you are on a trip. With a travel insurance plan, your insurer will provide reimbursement and/or cashless hospitalization facilities for emergency medical care in case you fall ill or suffer injuries. Travel insurance is especially important for people who have zero or limited health cover.
  1. Accidental death - Travel insurance plans pay out a certain sum of money in case of accidental death during a trip. The insurer also provides financial protection against disability and dismemberment. 


Even if you have a health and life insurance cover, it always makes sense to get a travel insurance policy. Domestic travel insurance covers a range of emergencies you are likely to face during transit on Indian soil.

Don’t ever take your safety and well-being for granted.




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